Donald Trump: How Much Damage Can He Do Before Leaving Office?

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You may not believe this, but:

According to numerous reports and many sources, Donald Trump is not putting America first these days.

Donald Trump Ponders Life

We are now just under a month from Joe Biden taking over as President of the United States, something that is absolutely, positively most definitely going to happen.

No matter what dangerous nonsense Trump continues to spew on Twitter.

With Trump retaining all powers of the presidency until noon on January 20, however, and with him not needing to even pretend that he cares about winning over any voters...

... we're in for a very frightening next few weeks.

Donald Trump in the Shadows

Donald Trump is a sociopathic menace when steadily in office.

So one can only imagine what he'll be like on the verge of leaving offiice, when he has every incentive -- from his warped point of view -- to eff over the people who voted him out.

Numerous insiders have claimed of late that Trump is hunkered down in the White House and has been for days.

On Monday, for example, he huddled with a numerous of Republican lawmakers who plan to challenge the election on made-up claims of fraud at a special session of Congress to ratify the results on January 6.

Donald Trump in Cleveland

This would be an unprecedented move if it actually happens.

It would mean that elected officials will have taken it upon themselves to literally overrule the will of the American people because they don't like what those people have said at the ballot box.

Trump, for his part, has made it clear for several weeks now that he fully supports such a dictatorial effort.


Donald Trump as POTUS

CNN's Barbara Starr, meanwhile, has reported that there is worry among executive office staff -- not th mention the military's leadership -- that Trump could use his power as President and commander in chief in treacherous ways in the last days of his term.

"We don't know what he might do," one officer in the Pentagon said.

Another added: "We are in strange times."

That. Is. For. Certain.

Donald Trump in Milwaukee

Trump, for whatever it is worth, has said he will leave office if it turns out Biden defeated him in the election.

Of course, as long as Trump continues to claim the election was rigged (which he will never stop doing), then he won't see a need to abide by this vow.

It's worth noting, also, that Trump's defiance of all democratic norms and his wild lies regarding his loss to Biden are taking place against a pandemic that continues to rage around the nation.

Well over 300,000 people are dead and COVID-19 numbers are rising in most states.

Trump has said scarcely a word about the crisis, and has definitely not done a single thing to help, in months.

President Donald Trump in Texas

Retired General Michael Flynn, who Trump pardoned this fall, has been pushing Trump to declare martial law and to bring troops to battleground states to redo elections that the President lost.


This is an idea some close to the President are advocating.

Joe Biden v. Donald Trump

Controversial figures around Trump these days include Flynn, Rudy and Sidney Powell... the attorney who only just a few weeks ago was ousted from his legal team over her bizarre claims of a massive international plot involving the late Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez, China, Democrats and the Clintons to steal the election.


She said this.

And now she's advising the President.

Donald Trump at Press Conference

Trump's meeting on Monday was the latest sign that he is prepared to tear down the integrity of the entire electoral system on the way out of the Oval Office door.

This team is preparing to "fight back against mounting evidence of voter fraud. Stay tuned," White House chief of staff Mark Meadows Tweeted a day ago.

To be clear, there has literally been no evidence of voter fraud.

"No one is sure where this is heading," one official told CNN on Monday in a disturbing behind-the-scenes glimpse at the mayhem unfolding in the West Wing.

"He's still President for another month."

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