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Ariana is ready to bang bang just one person for the rest of her life.


Because he hasn’t given her 7 rings… but he has given her the most important one of all.

Ariana Grande Fiance
Photo via Instagram

An engagement ring!

As The Hollywood Gossip reported on Sunday, Grande is now engaged to Dalton Gomez.

We don’t know a ton about how the proposal went down, but we know it transpired over the weekend and we know that Grande responded in the affirmative because she shared a photo of her brand new rock on Instagram yesterday and wrote as a caption:

Forever n then some.

Photo via Instagram

So there we have it.

Except…. we only really have some of it.

Gomez and Grande started dating in early 2011, going public with their romance in May via the music video for "Stuck with U," Grande’s duet with Justin Bieber.

Fans know very little about Gomez, however, which sources have said was a purposely act by Grande.

Photo via Instagram

Her previous high-profile romance, with Pete Davidson in 2018, included a very fast engagement and then an ugly break-up and the artist wanted to keep things more private this time around.

Which we totally get.

But now we’re left to wonder about Dalton Gomez.

Who the heck is this seemingly random guy who won over one of the biggest pop stars on the planet?

Dalton Gomez
Photo via Instagram

He’s a southern California native.

Gomez used to live with his family in the San Bernardino, Calif. area prior to moving to Los Angeles.

He sells luxury homes.

Gomez is a real estate agent for the Aaron Kirman Group.

According to the company’s website, he has sold residences in the Hollywood Hills and Beverly Hills areas for up to $12.5 million… to clients such as NBA player Chandler Parsons.

Gomez also helped Grande’s music lawyer sell his $7.5 million mansion to The Big Bang Theory’s Kunal Nayyar.

Photo via Instagram

Yes, this job is how he met Grande.

An insider told Us Weekly in August that before the coronavirus pandemic began… "Ariana was looking for a home outside of Los Angeles to be her getaway house, and her team found Dalton to help."

"When she saw him, she immediately thought he was cute and very good-looking, and she asked her team to set up an in-person meeting with him.’

"Ariana fell very hard for Dalton shortly after they met."

Ariana Grande in 2020
Photo via Instagram

Gomez also has famous friends.

In 2017, Gomez shared on his Instagram Story a picture of him hanging out with Miley Cyrus and other pals.

In March of this year, he attended a party thrown by Grande and Justin Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun.

After Grande announced their engagement yesterday, Braun congratulated her in the comments, as did Bieber’s wife Hailey Bieber and YouTube star James Charles.

"YAYYYYYY!!!! so happy for you guys!!" wrote Baldwin, for example, while Demi Lovato added:

"this ring is everything!!!! I love ypu [sic]."

"Screamingggggg," wrote singer Tinashe in the same comments section.

Ariana Grande In Quarantine
Photo via Instagram

Gomez also used to be a dancer and loves dogs.

In other words? He sounds almost perfect!

"She’s gotten to know him quickly with the quarantine," a source told E! News in March of Grande and Gomez. "They’ve been spending a lot of one-on-one time at home."

It’s nice to see that 2020 wasn’t the absolute worst year ever for everyone, right?