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Britney Spears has had an intense 2020, from helping fans pay their pandemic bills to trying to fire her awful dad from her conservatorship.

Today is her birthday! Happy birthday to this incomparable icon!

Sam Asghari Gives Britney Spears a Birthday Kiss
Photo via Instagram

“Happy b-day to me,” Britney Spears captioned one of her celebratory posts this week.

She followed those words with a bouqet of jubilant emojis, including cakes, stars, and flowers.

She posted this on Tuesday, December 1 — the day before her December 2 birthday.

Britney and Sam on Vacation

However, this early celebration was not really a surprise to anyone.

Britney and hunky boyfriend Sam Asghari also posted a cute video to Instagram.

Using an adorable video filter, the two of them tease each other about how long Britney intends to celebrate this milestone.

Britney Makes a T
Photo via Instagram

“Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me,” Britney sings in the video.

As obviously planned, Sam interrupts her with: “Okay baby, we get it. It’s your birthday, we’ve been celebrating for a month let’s move on now.” 

Comically, Britney brushes this off and continues singing “Happy Birthday” to the camera.

In his Instagram caption, Sam makes his actual feelings abundantly clear.

"Happy Birthday to my Lioness," he writes.

"We’ve been [celebrating]," Sam notes.

Britney In Trouble?
Photo via Instagram

Sam Asghari’s caption continues: "We will celebrate until the end of the year."

Hey, you only turn 39 once.

Sam concludes his glowing caption with: "let the cake eating began……"

Photo via Instagram

In addition to their kind words, Britney shared this snap of her and Sam being very playful.

Obviously, some of the more brainrotten followers decided to interpret this, not as a cute couples photo, but as "evidence" that Sam is a double agent working to control Britney for her dad.

Folks … it’s a goofy picture. Hands down, the best comment was "watches Euphoria once."

Photo via Instagram

Speaking of Instagram alarmists, others were driven into a panic by Britney’s one-day-early announcement.

Thousands of people have commented this year that they’re having trouble telling the days of the week apart. 2020 is like that.

Britney has made the same observation as everyone else, but when she says it, people who are Team Jamie seem to think that it’s "proof" that she is of unsound mind.

Britney Spears in Yellow

Again, she knows when her birthday. Even if she had forgotten, Sam would have reminded her.

She’s just celebrating early (and, we hope, often!) because literally why wouldn’t she?

When life has been so unfair to you, it only makes sense to celebrate the happy moments when they come along.

Britney Spears Glory
Photo via Instagram

Britney has suffered a painful setback in her ongoing struggle for personal autonomy — an uphill battle for her fundamental human rights.

At the moment, her awful father controls so many aspects of her life, from her career to her finances to her personal movements.

Britney will be 40 in a year, but she needs permission to go on vacation with her boyfriend.

Brtiney Spears: Quarantine Six-Pack
Photo via Instagram

Britney has asked the court to remove her widely reviled father from her conservatorship.

Unfortunately, she has not yet gotten her wish, with the court declining to grant her request — to the outrage of millions.

She has another hearing on this matter in early 2021. It’s hard to get one’s hopes up on this matter, however.

Photo via Instagram

Britney is a mother of two teenage boys.

In just a few years, both Sean Preston and Jayden James will be 18.

At that point, the two of them will both have more personal freedoms and choices than their mother … unless something changes, soon.