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When Angela Deem turned 55, she showed off her astonishing weight loss months after announcing her plans for weight loss surgery.

Now, she’s flaunting her extreme makeover in a wholesome family photo.

Angela Deem sits here surrounded by her precious grandbabies and by her daughter, Skyla.

In addition to her obvious weight loss, the 55-year-old grandmother is sporting some very stylish platinum blonde hair that flatters her very well.

Fans have seen Angela’s radical body transformation before, but past images were much more casual.

Angela Deem Flaunts Dramatic Weight Loss, Birthday Cake

Angela was also surrouned by her beloved grandchildren for the previous "grand reveal" of her weight loss.

This time, however, she was surprised with a cake by the adorable wee ones and was not all glammed up.

Instead, at tha ttime, she had visible roots and was wearing her hair up, as many of us do late at night when we are not expecting to be photographed.

Michael Ilesanmi, Angela’s husband, has previously expressed his concerns about Angela getting surgery to lose weight.

He was leery of the risks, and bent over backwards to assure her that she is perfect just the way that she is.

But as she explained to him at the Tell All special and to the audience, she is doing this for her. Still, it looks like he admires the results regardless.

Some fans expressed concerns that the weight loss has caused Angela to look older than she actually is.

It is true that she doesn’t necessarily look 55, and that weight loss has resulted in some extra skin.

However, we do not think that her apparent age is the result of the surgery, but from a lifetime of constant smoking.

Weight loss surgery is not an instant, once-and-done affair.

Even if no follow-up surgeries are planned, the actual losing of weight due to a physically restrictive diet is an ongoing process.

It may be that Angela will lose more weight. Drastic, rapid weight loss can be taxing on the body, so we hope that she is doing well and remains healthy.

Angela Deem Debuts a New Face

We know that the weight loss is very topical, but can we also talk about her platinum hair?

Because it looks great. There is a tendency for some older people (Angela isn’t especially old, but she is a grandmother so she gets, well, grandfathered in) to avoid any hair color even close to white.

But the platinum really works for her. It makes her look more put together. It’s a classier look and very flattering on her.

Angela Deem Smiles With Her Hair Up

It can at times be difficult to sing Angela’s praises, even when she deserves them, for many in the fandom.

The reason is simply her on-screen behavior, and fear of what her off-screen behavior may look like.

Watching Angela spew verbal abuse at Michael is a horror, and it’s hard to congratulate someone who would treat anyone, especially their husband-to-be, in such a manner.

Michael Ilesanmi Haunted by Angela Deem

Right now, Michael remains in Nigeria, though it is expected that the incoming Biden administration will quash the white nationalist policies that currently make immigrating from Nigeria essentially impossible.

The two of them are married and are looking forward to beginning their life together.

However, fans hope that Angela can clean up her act. When her behavior becomes as pretty as her pictures, they’ll sigh with relief.