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You probably already know that the life plan for every member of the Duggar family involves marrying young and popping out a dozen babies or more.

But John David Duggar and Abbie Burnett followed their own timetable and married at a much older age than most of his siblings.

Abbie and John Duggar

Now, some fans are convinced that the couple is making up for lost time with a whole lot of procreation.

John David and Abbie welcomed their first child in January of this year.

And folks who have been scrutinizing their pics believe Abbie didn’t even wait a year before getting knocked up with another little Duggar.

John David and Abbie Duggar Pic

We should note here that John and Abbie have not made any sort of announcement.

In fact, the speculation is not based on anything the couple posted to their Instagram page.

Instead, the rumors are the result of pics posted by Jim Bob and Michelle following the now-infamous Duggar Christmas gathering.

Yes, this was the party at which dozens of Duggars crammed under one roof in order to ignore social distancing guidelines and not wear masks.

Oh, and we suppose they celebrated Christmas, too.

Anyway, fans noticed that Abbie had her hands folded across her midsection in several group photos, including the one below.

Duggar Christmas Group Shot

Yes folks, that’s all it takes to get the rumor mill churning these days.

“I think Abby [sic] is pregnant," one follower commented on the pic.

Others excitedly echoed the sentiment.

Photo via TLC

Some were more skeptical and pointed out that two pregnancies in one year is a lot, even by Duggar standards.

Sadly, there’s not enough information for us to settle this issue one way or another today.

But if you’re looking for additional clues that might help you decide the matter for yourself, we would direct you to John and Abbie’s Instagram page.

Photo via Instagram

For starters you have the above pic that was take at the same party and posted less than two weeks ago.

John and Abbie are rocking their ugly Christmas sweaters, and as you can see, she is not making any effort to conceal her midsection.

However, in the pic below, which was posted on Christmas Day, Abbie’s midsection is concealed by her daughter Grace.

John, Abbie, and Grace on Christmas

Coincidence? Or clever use of child-as-camouflage? 

You be the judge.

If it was Abbie’s goal to hide he growing baby bump in the second photo, the trick seems to have worked.

John David and Abbie Anniversary Pic

In the comments section, there was no discussion of Abbie’s uterus.

Instead, fans focused on her surprising fashion statement.

"Abbie … you wore pants!!!" one fan wrote.

Photo via TLC

"Honestly don’t have an issue was just surprised!! Carry on!!"

Yes, Abbie has violated the Duggar dress code by eschewing long skirts in favor of jeans — or the devil’s dungarees, as Jim Bob probably calls them.

Does this mean that John David’s wife has joined the rebellion against Jim Bob?!

John David and Abbie Duggar and Grace

Nah, she probably just felt like dressing like a normal person that day.

Besides, we’re sure the feeling among JB and Michelle is that Abbie can rebel all she wants, as long as she keeps popping out babies.

After all, someone’s gotta populate the planet with evangelicals in order to smite all the heathens, right?!