Supernatural Fans Cannot Believe the Series Ended Like THAT

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Right at this very moment, we may be living through the end of Democracy in America.

To some television viewers, however, Thursday night marked an even more troublesome end.

These people just can't believe the way in which Supernatural wrapped up about 15 seasons!


The 327th and final episode of this beloved CW drama fittingly took inspiration from a line in the show’s unofficial anthem, Kansas’ “Carry On Wayward Son."

As for what actually transpired to close things out?

First, Dean died.

He got impaled by a large rusty nail while fighting some child-nabbing vampire mimes. 

This led to a sad farewell and to Sam telling his brother, “It’s okay. You can go now.”


From there, Sam went on hunting while Dean arrived in the heaven he deserved, a place where he could crank up the rock on his radio and drive his beloved black Impala, “Baby.”

Sam, for his part, continued to hunt -- and the series finale featured him as he lived the rest of his life, eventually having a son named Dean (who, it appears, also joined the family business).

Finally, after shuffling off his own mortal coil, Sam reuniteed with Dean in the show’s concludng scene... to spend the rest of eternity with his one true soulmate:

His brother.


Beautiful? Maybe.

Exciting? Pulse-pounding? Suspenseful? Not to many critics of the finale.

Many were angry over the way Dean died. And how Sam looked in middle age.

And, perhaps most disturbing of all, how the ending practically negated everything that had happened in the 15 years beforehand.


Oh, and Castiel? No appearance or mention at all of this mainstay character?!?

What the heck, some folks asked?

Seriously... What. The. Heck.


Series finales almost always disappoint, of course.

Remember Lost? And How I Met Your Mother? And Dexter? And Game of Thrones?!?

Even the most iconic of shows rarely go out on top.

They rarely satisfy a majority of viewers.


And yet: Yikes!

You know it's a bad sign when fans are more focused on the appearance of Sam in his older years than on almost anything else from the finale.

The writers and the stars couldn't have been too psyched to see Tweets such as the one below, you know?

old sam

Still, 15 seasons of quality television is an admirable achievement.

This finale may have left a bitter taste in the mouths of viewers, but it shouldn't be all Supernatural is remember for. Not by a long shot.

Tweeted Jared Padalecki in September:

"As I head out to my first day on my LAST season finale, I can't help but be incredibly grateful for all that #Supernatural and the #SPNFamily mean to me.

"It's been an incredible journey, to say the least. I, for one, am hoping that #SuperNaturalNeverDies."


After the final day of shooting in October, series creator Eric Kripke marked the occasion on Twitter, posting a GIF of the first Supernatural scene the crew ever shot.

"This was the first #Supernatural scene we shot. Today will be the last. I'm grateful & love you all beyond words," Kripke wrote at the time .

"But it's only over when you say it is, #SPNFamily. In the words of Kim Manners (RIP): Kick It In The Ass.

"#SPN @jarpad @JensenAckles @MishaCollins."

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