Kathryn Dennis BLASTED by Cameran Eubanks for Malicious Cheating Rumors

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Kathryn Dennis is going to spend a lot of this season trying to prove that she's not racist or ruining Cameran Eubanks' life.

But on the most recent Southern Charm, her castmates were particularly unconvinced about the latter.

Kathryn Dennis is Off the Wagon

Back in May, we reported on the wild rumors that Cameran Eubanks' husband, Jason Wimberly, had been having an affair.

The absurd rumors were strongly denied by everyone involved, and even Cameran spoke in defense of the alleged mistress.

Just days later, Cameran announced that she was leaving the show. She was followed by Naomie Olindo and Chelsea Meissner.

Cameran Eubanks and Dr. Jason Wimberly

So Cameran left after six seasons -- but just liked former Southern Charm star and notorious criminal Thomas Ravenel, she was not forgotten.

On the season premiere, Kathryn shared the "juicy" rumor about Cameran with Craig Conover.

Not only did Craig not believe it, but he was weirded out that Kathryn would even repeat something so silly and hurtful.

Leva Bonaparte Explains White Privilege

Craig spoke about it to newcomer and breath of fresh air Leva Bonaparte that Kathryn had shared the rumor.

Leva, no stranger to this social circle, told him that there was definitely nothing true to the rumor.

Cameran didn't have to appear to play a role in the story -- so she made her presence known via text.

Kathryn Dennis Gets Called Out for White Privilege

Cameran, justifiably angry, texted Kathryn to ask why TF she was spreading this rumor.

It hurt her, her husband, and an innocent young woman. Lives and careers can be ruined on this kind of BS, after all.

Kathryn read the texts "into the record," so to speak, announcing them to the camera, justifying her rumor-mongering by saying that the claim had been "going around."

Kathryn Dennis Flaunts a Diamond Ring

Cameron fired back: "Kathryn, give me a break," and implored Kathryn to "be a good human."

Kathryn did not take that very well.

In her confession, she announced that she didn't "give a f--k about what Cameran thinks."

Kathryn Dennis Issues a Warning

"She literally hurt me to my core," Kathryn accused.

She said that Cameran did so "by the meanest, nastiest things you could ever say about someone."

"So everyone that thinks Cam is just this guy's girl that is wearing Lilly Pulitzer with a big old smile and perfect teeth," Kathryn claimed, "she's an a--hole."

Kathryn Dennis on Bravo

That sounds like less of a denial that she did anything but repeat a rumor in good faith and more like a confession of motive. Hmmm ...

Kathryn may detest Cameran for ... whatever, but not everyone feels the same way.

Craig recently spoke about his hopes for the future.

Craig Conover and Cameran Eubanks

“I know that she enjoyed doing it with us," Craig reflected.

He detailed: "You know, me and her and Shep [Rose] had been together since the beginning."

Craig teased fans by hinting: “ … I have a sneaky feeling that I would be able to get her back next year, but we’ll see what happens.”

Southern Charm Reunion Reactions

Of course, Kathryn got in hot water with more than just Cameran Eubanks this year.

In June, Kathryn taunted a Black radio host with racist emojis. And she did it in (indirect) defense of a mid-pandemic Trump boat parade.

So no, Kathryn is not having a great year, and it sounds like she truly does not deserve one.

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