Kailyn Lowry: I Was Right About to Abort My Fourth Baby, But ...

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Back in July, Kailyn Lowry welcomed her fourth child, a boy she named Creed.

These days, her love for her youngest son is obviously just as powerful as her affection toward her eldest three boys -- but she wasn't exactly ecstatic when she learned of the pregnancy.

Kail Cries on Teen Mom 2

Kail had her reasons for entering the situation cautiously.

This was her second child with Chris Lopez, and she wasn't exactly on the greatest terms with him at the time.

In fact, Lowry received a restraining order against Lopez right around the time she learned of the pregnancy.

Chris Lopez and Kids

On Tuesday night's episode of Teen Mom 2 viewers bore witness to the anguish that Kail endured as she struggled with the decision of whether to keep the baby or undergo an abortion.

"I have not told the kids at all because I still just don't believe that I'm pregnant," she said during a confessional segment.

"I did consider abortion and I went to my abortion appointment, but I had the ultrasound and was just like, 'I need to see the ultrasound to see if I connect with this baby.'"

Kailyn Lowry Instagram Image

The ultrasound apparently made Kail feel that she had no choice but to keep the baby,

"At that point, I decided that abortion wasn't for me," she continued, before tearing up.

"It's kind of been like a weird time. I truly can't picture it. I never felt this way about a pregnancy. When I got pregnant with Lux, I never even thought twice about keeping him," Kail added.

Kail Ponders

"Now, moving forward, this is the decision that I've made -- is to keep this baby -- and so I just need to put my big girl pants on and figure it out."

At that point, Kail had already told those closest to her that she had suffered a miscarriage.

In order to keep the baby she made the brave decision to reveal that she had lied to her loved ones.

Kailyn Lowry and a Selfie

"It's crazy because I told people I had miscarried because I was going to get the abortion," she told a friend.

"I panicked, I sh-t myself. I actually felt worse and more guilty now, with this pregnancy, and more just questioning if I'm doing the right thing more-so with this one at 27 than with Isaac at 17. The circumstances are very, very, very, very different."

It was then that Kail received support from some very unexpected places.

Kail Is Depressed

"I told Javi I was pregnant and he was very supportive and very nice about it and so was Jo," she revealed.

"Once I told Jo, Vee and Javi, it was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I felt relieved that I told them."

These days, Kail and Javi are no longer on speaking terms due to the revelation that the engaged Marroquin tried to have sex with her in a gas station parking lot.

Javi Marroquin with Linc

But in the early days of Kail's pregnancy, Javi provided a much-needed shoulder to cry on.

"Javi didn't even question it," she said of his reaction to the news.

"He was like, 'Congratulations,' he wasn't like, 'Oh, so you lied.'"

Kail, Jo, and Vee

"They are decisions, they are up to me and I have to be okay with the backlash and the misunderstandings," Kail said.

"But Jo, Javi and [Jo's wife] Vee reacted in a way that was more supportive than I could have imagined and I'm thankful for that."

Despite all of that support, Kail still had her misgivings, of course:

"It's very weird for me to say that I'm going to have four boys and then the fact that I am a single mom is a little bit of a hard pill to swallow," she said.

"Being pregnant and not knowing what to do or whether to keep the baby, I think I go through waves of emotion, it's like a roller coaster. Fast forward to the ultra sound, at that point I think I felt hopeful."

Fast forward again to today. and we're sure Kail is 100 percent confident that she made the right decision,

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