Jo Rivera: I Should Have Taken Custody of Isaac from Kailyn Lowry!

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Kailyn Lowry has four children and three baby daddies.

That sentence was exhausting just to write, can you imagine what it must be like for that to actually be your life?

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She's constantly dealing with drop-offs and pick-ups for the kids, coordinating schedules, planning holidays, that sort of thing.

And on top of that, there's plenty of drama to deal with, too.

She's got court next year with Chris Lopez because she allegedly assaulted him after he cut their older son's hair without her permission, and we imagine things are strained with Javi Marroquin after she revealed on TV that he tried to hook up with her in a gas station parking lot while his girlfriend was home with their toddler.

These are real things that have happened just in the past couple of months.

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Really, can you imagine?

Thankfully, things with Jo Rivera, the father of her oldest son, Isaac, have been going pretty well for a while now.

It didn't always used to be that way -- they really struggled with coparenting for the first few years of Isaac's life.

Kail has said that they "hated each others' guts" then, and that much was obvious if you watched the earlier seasons of Teen Mom 2.

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They were really nasty to each other, and there have even been some more recent hiccups, like when Kailyn violated the custody agreement to take Isaac to Hawaii last year, or when Jo went to court in 2018 to attempt to get child support from her.

But all in all, they've been getting along just fine lately -- so fine that Kail recently started up a podcast with Jo's wife, Vee.

For this week's episode of the podcast, Jo appeared as a guest, and he opened up about some of those issues, particularly about custody.

And as it turns out, he's got some regrets.

Kail, Jo, and Vee

"I didn't fight hard enough," he revealed about his original custody agreement with Kailyn.

"Like, I settled many times outside of court ... I never actually let a judge or anyone hear what I had to say."

He said that there was no reason why they shouldn't have had 50/50 custody of Isaac from the beginning, explaining that "I don't feel like there was ever any reason for him not to be with me."

However, he does seem to think that the unequal custody was partly his fault.

Jo Rivera with Disgust

"I was young, I was naive, I didn't know my rights, what I deserved to have, what my son deserved to have," he said.

"I was just trying to get what I could."

For a while, Jo just got Isaac on the weekends, and he and Kail would argue about holidays -- not a great system.

As Jo explained it on the podcast, "It was tough for me, a young kid with a kid trying to just have what I thought was a natural-born right which is to be with my son."

Kail and Isaac

"Something so simple that you would think is so simple but I just didn't," he continued, "there was no recourse other than me hiring a lawyer and fighting as hard as I could."

"And I couldn't imagine someone who didn't have the resources that I had because I was blessed enough to be financially stable at that time when I really had to start getting into these fights because if not, Kail would have just outspent me."

"I mean, that's a thing," he said. "People need to understand that."

"If you don't have the representation or the knowledge, someone can just really just fight harder than you because they have more money and it's true."

We're glad they managed to work everything out, and hopefully nothing changes for them on this front.

But we are talking about Kailyn here, so we won't hold our breath on this relationship remaining drama-free for too long.

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