Jill Duggar Claps Back at Prudish Fans: I'll Talk About Sex All I Want!

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This week, Jill Duggar shared surprising details about her sex life, telling fans about her bedroom games with husband Derick Dillard.

Fans got on her case about "oversharing," but Jill is clapping back.

Jill Duggar side

"Derick and I are always looking for ways to keep marriage exciting and fun," Jill recently told her fans and followers.

"We came across the Intimately Us app - it was something I was excited about just for us to use," she noted.

"It's a fun and sexy app," Jill raved. "It has tons of bedroom games just to help keep your marriage alive and romantic, and we have just loved it."

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One user appeared to chastize Jill for discussing what "she does in her private time" with her husband.

"I'm glad you're excited about your marriage. We that are, are blessed," the follower wrote.

But they continued: "I would just warn against putting what you may or may not do in your private time as a husband and wife out in the public eye."

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"Per your recommendation I googled marriage dance and chose not to actually click on it," the follower continued.

They added: "I didn't want to accidentally see something I didn't want to see and have it on my computer to possible be an open door for temptation later."

The comment added: "Or for my daughter to accidentally come across when she borrows my computer."

Jill Duggar IG defends airing intimate details

"Hey! It is a clean site (so no nudity or models)," Jill assured the worried and extremely prudish commenter.

"But," she continued, "I totally get wanting to be careful about what your kids are exposed to at young ages!"

"Ours are still little so this isn't as big of a deal yet for us," Jill noted. Samuel is two and Israel is five.

Jill Duggar IG christian vibrator

Another follower debated the idea of whether there can be such a thing as a "Christian vibrator" or Christian sex toys in general.

Jill did not give much of a reply beyond emojis, but another commenter had a thoughtful remark.

They suggested that what makes a vibrator Christian is not its manufacturer or marketing, but who is using it and how.

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard Talk Birth Control

That is certainly food for thought for anyone who happens to be a Christian but had previously internalized the idea that sex toys were "other."

Some within certain denominations might consider any pursuit of an orgasm that is not required to conceive a child within wedlock to be forbidden.

Others are of the religious opinion that marriage is a sacrement that includes passionate and joyful sex, not simply sealing the deal and then breeding.

Jill Duggar Loves Cofee

Sex has been a particularly hot topic in the Dillard world lately.

When a follower asked why the Duggars marry off their kids -- like the newly engaged Justin Duggar -- at such shockingly young ages, Derick responded.

He told the fan that, well, fundamentalist teens want to have sex.

Jill IG 3

See, sexuality isn't only a source of shame, control, and punishment for children unfortunate enough to grow up under toxic purity culture.

It is also the carrot dangled before them -- the light at the end of the tunnel -- that ensures that they will want to get married before they're read or even know who they are.

This is what the parents want. That way, the control doesn't end when their child marries, because now they're married to someone their parents have selected, all because they wanted to have an orgasm.

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