Deavan Clegg: 90 Day Fiance is Totally Scripted!!

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Recently, Deavan Clegg opened up about her 90 Day Fiance experience and her plans for the future.

Now, she is telling fans that the whole show is straight-up scripted.

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90 Day Fiance stars are known for making comments on social media only to swiftly delete them.

They sign NDAs in order to be on the show (and be paid for their time), and any violation threatens their modest payday.

But comments live on as screenshots even when they are deleted. This alleged screenshot shows Deavan making quite a claim.

Deavan Clegg IG - 90 Day Fiance is scripted

"You know the show is scripted, right?" Deavan appears to ask a 90 Day Fiance viewer.

Reality TV often comes under attack for the ways in which it does not actually depict reality.

But to flat-out say that the show is "scripted" is a huge accusation ... that could cause the franchise to unravel at the seams if true.

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For context, Deavan Clegg has been under fire for months, ever since the infamous episode where she and her mom chewed out Jihoon.

The real reason -- as she has repeatedly and consistently stated -- was that he had ignored Drascilla and been on his phone, letting her little girl wander into the street.

But because 90 Day Fiance did not film that happening (of course) or put up a text to explain it, it looked to viewers like they were overreacting to give Jihoon a hard time.

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Since that incident, the outrage within the fandom towards Deavan's every move, every breathe has intensified.

We've seen this happen before -- a star gets a "villain edit" and viewers act as if they, personally, have been wronged.

When stars explain their side of things, or even offer evidence towards that end, it's dismissed offhand. Life sure is easy when you choose what to believe and what to ignore.

Deavan Clegg in Hair Extensions

That said ... is 90 Day Fiance scripted?

At the risk of splitting hairs, that depends upon how you are using the word.

If she meant that literally the stars are told what to say for every line like scripted actors then, no, that's not the truth, Deavan.

Deavan Clegg considers this "cheating"

But if by "scripted" she means it in a colloquial sense, as in that there is much about the show under production's control, then absolutely.

We have reported for years about how production has their finger on the scale.

The first phase of controlling what kind of content viewers will see is casting.

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It's not that 90 Day Fiance only casts stars with obvious personality disorders, or where one or both partners are scammers.

But they do keep an eye out for which couples will pique interest in viewers, get the most attention, and are most likely to act out on screen.

A couple needs to look like they'll have a good story -- from catfishing to true love in the face of adversity to yelling, screaming fits.

Deavan Clegg Looks Lovely

During production, producers will set up situations -- this is not unique to 90 Day Fiance.

Just look at Real Housewives. Do you think that wealthy neighbors usually vacation together? Production cooks that up.

Sometimes you see weird errands or group activities for a family on 90 Day Fiance and just know immediately that production planned it.

Deavan Clegg asks the uncomfortable question

Production will also do things like ask stars to repeat lines, ask leading questions to get the right soundbite, or more.

90 Day Fiance production has even been known to spoonfeed questions to stars to create drama or tension.

Stars who come out and say "I was told to say that" then risk breaking their NDA, losing money or even being sued.

Deavan Clegg is Stunning

There are also more implicit ways of nudging the stars.

Recently, Larissa Lima spoke about how production encouraged them all to fight at the Tell All.

The stars know that if they're not entertaining, if they don't make a splash, then they won't be asked back for another season ... probably.

Deavan Clegg sets the timeline for this part of the season

Then, of course, there is editing, who can do much more than simply choose to not put incidents in the proper context as they did to Deavan this season.

Let's say that someone cries a dozen times over a period of months. No big deal, right? Editing can including a crying incident every single episode of a season.

Editing can exclude every time that someone does something right and include the half-dozen times that they do it wrong, and make them look incompetent.

Deavan Clegg Bridal Veil

Casting, nudging (stronger for some stars than for others) from producers, and editing combine with a viewer's preconceived notions.

The end result is that, though Sharp and TLC can't control everything about their stars, they can pretty safely bet that they'll have an outrageous season.

But they also make sure to cast a few couples with genuine love despite some obstacles ... just to keep up appearances and balance things out.

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