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In June, Darcey & Stacey star Darcey Silva became engaged to Georgi Rusev.

Just weeks after the couple revealed this long-held secret, however, fans are asking if it’s over.

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A few days ago, Georgi Rusev posted a photo to his instagram.

It was a pic of him and Darcey Silva, long before they were engaged. Well, months before their engagement, anyway.

Georgi revealed in the caption that it was their first date.

Darcey Silva Has Mixed Feelings

You know who didn’t care for that photo? Darcey.

In comments now immortalized in this screenshot shared by John Yates, she made that known to the world, which is just plain messy.

"Well body language tells all," she wrote vaguely. "I tried and [would] rather not be in this picture."

"Please take me off your page," Darcey then commented. "Thank you."

This is downright messy nonsense, all playing out very publicly.

Fans were not unreasonable to believe that this means that it’s over … just a few weeks after their engagement was announced.

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Georgi appeared to comply with Darcey’s wishes, removing most photos of her from his page.

It’s bizarre timing — the show has been picked up for a second season, so fans are left wondering what to expect.

But then, look at this:

Right now, Georgi’s photos of Darcey are back. What’s more is that Darcey appears to have deleted her comment.

If you blinked over the last week, you’d never know about their public spat.

Now, it appears that they are still together and remain engaged.

Photo via TLC

There’s always a chance, of course, that Darcey and Georgi were simply told by production that they need to not spoil things on social media.

However, Darcey has taken to her own page to go above and beyond to show that things are good.

Previously, Darcey’s caption here included the line: "I deserve the best and will not settle!"

Now, that line is gone from her caption.

That wasn’t a spoiler, and is the kind of post that only hints at a breakup.

So Darcey removing it appears to be a sign that things are back on.

Photo via TLC

We all remember how viciously Darcey and Jesse Meester would fight — in public Instagram comments.

It’s a weird habit. DM each other, text each other. Heck, Darcey’s old enough that she might actually enjoy a phone call.

Public feuding is childish and doesn’t make sense for two people in a relationship — or even for recent exes.

"True love and soulmates," Darcey captioned this photo after uploading it to Instagram on Sunday night.

This cozy photo makes it appear that the two of them are still together.

Based upon the patterns that we have seen from other 90 Day Fiance couples, this doesn’t look like it’s faked to avoid spoiling the season.

Photo via Instagram

Some couples absolutely have posted pics of each other, or pics together, while concealing their breakups.

However, when it goes from public angry comments to sweet, gushy posts, it usually means something else.

These are messy people who had a messy public fight because they don’t behave very well. That’s why they’re on reality TV in the first place.