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Moving. Grooving. And getting close to arriving!

On Monday, October 12, Chelsea Houska gave fans a very personal, intimate and precious glimpse at her impending daughter, sharing footage on her Instagram Stories page of the unnamed child inside the reality star’s womb.

And clearly getting excited about coming out!

Chelsea Houska and Baby Bump

“Baby girl,” the Teen Mom 2 star captioned the video. 

As you can see in the screen capture below, the 29-year old used an arrow to point out the place where her budding belly moved.

This special piece of content was provided about two months after Chelsea and her husband, Cole DeBoer, confirmed they were expecting their third child together — and Houska’s fourth overall.

(The husband and wife share Watson, 3, and Layne, 2, while Chelsea previously welcomed Aubree, 11, in 2009 with her then-boyfriend, Adam Lind.)

“One more DeBoer,” the veteran MTV personality wrote via Instagram in August. “Coming early 2021.”

DeBoer then shared the news himself with a post of his account that read as follows: “The Grand Finale (we think.) Baby No. 4.”

Will this actually be the final child for the popular couple? It may be too early to say, although it does seem likely.

In August, not long after making her big announcement, Houska dealt with an irritating troll who gave her grief for daring to have multiple children — and she handled it like a champ!

After this total stranger told Chelsea to "keep her legs closed," the star fired back:

"These [legs emoji] stay open for my husband."

Houska and DeBoer really are known as perhaps the most stable of all Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 relationships.

Granted, that’s a mighty low bar that isn’t too hard to clear. But the couple is seemingly going as strong as ever in anticipation of baby number-four for Chelsea.

Chelsea Houska and Amazing Husband

"Happy 4th anniversary to the love of my life!" Houska wrote earlier this month to and about Cole, adding:

"So beyond grateful for the life we are building together. You are the most incredible and kind person and I am SO proud to be your wife."

Added Cole at the time:

To say I am grateful would be an understatement, I am beyond grateful to have you as my wife!

The one who has to put up with me, the one who loves me for me, the one who I can always truly count/lean on, the one with so much love and joy in her heart, the one who puts everyone else first, the one who gives our children and myself such an amazing life, the one who brings all the love and joy to my heart and this crazy family.

Chelsea De Boer Bump

As for morons who actually talk trash to Chelsea for getting pregnant?

“There’s always the comments that are like, ‘She’s pregnant again?’” she told Entertainment Tonight in August, adding:

“I think a lot of people still consider or think of us as being these young or teen moms.

"I’m married. So it just cracks me up. People just don’t realize that we are almost 30, I think, and married, and we’re not teenagers anymore."