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On 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Yazan Abo Horira was in some degree of danger from his extended family.

Some fans continue to blame Brittany Banks for this. Her clapback includes some startling revelations.

Brittany Banks in All White

Brittany is not the only American woman getting put on blast by viewers for … falling in love and being herself.

As has been made clear again and again, Yazan insisted to Brittany that she would be able to live her life without changing if they were together.

The problem was that he told his parents that she was going to completely transform to match their idea of a good daughter in law.

Brittany Banks hears herself badmouthed in another language

The trouble with telling both sides what they want to hear is that, eventually, they sometimes meet each other.

Yazan’s father and mother flipped out, putting Brittany on blast for her innocuous social media posts.

But that was only the beginning of Yazan’s troubles.

Yazan Abo Horira dad - look at this! (lol)

Yazan’s dad kicking him out of the house (rendering him temporarily homeless) and firing him was just a taste.

Some of Yazan’s extended family were even more conservative, going so far as to threaten his life.

At first, this sounded like hyperbole. Over time, Yazan and his brother Obaida made it clear to Brittany and to viewers that it is very real.

Yazan Abo Horira - they might kill me

Yazan shared that his extended family and his ethnic group overall might have a sort of hearing on him, and might decide that they want him dead, or simply to disown him.

Brittany was horrified … but some fans decided that these appalling violent threats were Brittany’s fault, not the fault of those who made them.

Clearly, Yazan’s family weren’t the only ones unhappy to see a Black American woman secure in her body and sexuality.

Yazan Abo Horira and Brittany Banks, Deleted Photo
Photo via Instagram

A fan defended Brittany: “He knew what he signed for just as the family did. Y’all forget she said she met him through his sister.”

Then, a conspiracy theorist follower opined: “I don’t think he has a sister."

The implication was that Brittany and Yazan fabricated their story of meeting. But Brittany interjected: "He has two."

Brittany Banks on Instagram
Photo via Instagram

“His sister lived with me," Brittany reminded her followers in the comments.

We had all heard that they were roommates, that this is how she met Yazan, but there’s much more to it.

"And," Brittany continued, "I took care of her in the US!”

Brittany Banks and Yazan Get Cute on Instagram
Photo via Instagram

Brittany explained by revealing that she took care of her: “When my family saved her from an abusive ex."

She added that this was an abusive ex "that married her and brought her to the US."

Most horrifically of all, Brittany shared that this monster did this "when she was like 14.”

Brittany Banks and Yazan for 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way
Photo via TLC

“That’s how I met him!" Brittany reminded her followers. "Through her.”

As touching as the "thirst at first sight" story that Brittany had shared about peeping Yazan while he was facetiming his sister, this is better.

Saving someone’s child bride sister from a horrible life? A lot of people would fall in love over that.

Brittany Banks and Yazan on Instagram
Photo via Instagram

The Tell All was of course already recorded some time ago, so we don’t know if this will come up.

But we would love to hear more from Brittany and from Yazan about what changed and where they stand now, months after the finale was filmed.

We’re not surprised that they don’t appear to be together — they were clearly toxic together. We just want to know how they realized that.