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Time, as it turns out, does not heal all wounds.

Just ask Angelina Pivarnick.

Angelina Pivarnick on Premiere
Photo via MTV

As you may recall, this Jersey Shore mainstay got married last November.

What should have been a blessed occasion, however, turned into the exact opposite when her bridemaids — also known as her co-stars on this MTV franchise, Snooki, JWOWW and Deenna — turned the speech into a roast.

Seriously: They downright destroyed the bride on stage at the reception.

Photo via MTV

In front of Angelina’s loved ones, the aforementioned trio joked about Angelina’s partying… romances… and Staten Island roots.

At various points, they were were booed for calling the bride "the trash to our bags," "the dump to our island" and "the fly to our sh-t."

Harsh, but fair, some might say.

Pivarnick, though, diid NOT say this.

Photo via MTV

"My mother says, ”It was a fairytale wedding with a price to pay”," Angelina told her husband, Chris Larangeira,  two days after the event, adding:

"And I agree."

On last Thursday’s Season 4 premiere of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, Angelina made it clear she had not moved on from the mocking.

The very public mocking, we should emphasize.

Photo via MTV

In a confessional, Pivarnick said the following:

"Even if it’s a joke between us, I don’t think it should have been said in front of people that don’t know those jokes. I thought it was a little f-cked up."

Partly in response to Pivarnick being so angry and to all the backlash she received after the speech, Snooki quit Jersey Shore in December.

She said at the time that she wanted to spend more time with her kids, which is likely true — but she also said she had simply outgrown the drama always featured on this program.

Photo via Instagram

Angelina also said on the premiere that wanted to redo her wedding, even invitong her grandmother Angelina, a self-proclaimed "white witch of God," to come sage her home.

Grandma Angelina, for her part, was just as furious about the bridesmaids’ speech, telling Ronnie Ortiz-Magro over the phone that "that J. Lo, aka ‘Woww, was ‘a f-cking instigator!"

"What did they call you?’ she asked Angelina.

"A dirty hamster?’ Let me tell you something, Ron. They’re all f-cking dirty hamsters, alright?"

Jersey Shore Promo Pic
Photo via MTV

Well… alright then!

But they’re dirty hamsters who turned a wedding reception speech into an entire storyline that gave the show material for going on two seasons now.

Pivarnick can hold it against them if she wants.

But only as she deposits each pay check.