Leah Messer Scoffs at "Irrelevant" Trolls: LOL, Just Unfollow Me!

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Leah Messer has bigger things to worry about these days than total strangers on the Internet.

Or, to be more accurate:

Leah Messer has bigger things to worry about these days than total strangers on the Internet... who are mean and judgmental and, really, extremely insecure about themselves.

Leah Messer on the Porch

The Teen Mom 2 star opened up a few days ago about her history of hardcore drug use, confessing for the first time that she used heroin back in the day, shortly after a botched spinal tap left her in extreme pain.

"My personal experience is I didn’t feel anything from it. I think it was divine intervention," Messerr said of this heroin use on the Knockin' Doorz Down podcast.

Leah even admitted she did heroin with her dad.

Yikes, right?

Leah Messer Looks Pretty

Considering what she has gone through in this regard, it's easy to understand why Messer doesn't take social media trolls very seriously.

She's overcome far greater obstacles than complete losers mocking her online, you know?

We bring this up because the Teen Mom 2 cast member posted a new picture of herself on her back porch this week, writing as a caption to the snapshot:

"Embody the true essence of your soul."

Leah Messer is Troubled

No big deal, right? And very beautiful pictures above, right?

Wrong, apparently, at least according to one follower who was quick to criticize the mom of three, writing:

"Does it boost your self confidence when so many people tell you how pretty you are? Is that why you post pics of yourself, do you really need all that?"

This person then added hashtags including "#benatural" and "#nomakeup."

Leah In Her Yard

Messer, to her credit, was unaffected by this creep.

"I personally enjoy dressing up and providing good quality content for my followers," she replied, adding in very relaxed and casual manner:

"You can unfollow me if you’d like because the opinion of you or anyone else is irrelevant to my growth love!"

Thankfully, not everyone on the World Wide Web is terrible.

Leah Messer meme2

In a later Instagram Story, she asked: "Why so much hate on someone's growth?"

And she received plenty of support in response to this meme.

These replies brought us a little bit of comfort, at least, because we continue to applaud Messer for her recent honesty.

Leah Messer meme1

On the aforementioned podcast, Leah didn't just tell everyone she was hooked on pain pill and harder drugs a few years back.

She also confessed to taking extreme measures in order to obtain them.

“I was buying it off the streets, I was doing very illegal activities. It was a spiral downhill from there," she said, adding during this appearance:

"I was taking ridiculous amounts of prescription medication. I remember it leading into smoking the pills, it led me to try heroin.”

Leah and Kids

Amazing Leah has now been clean and sober for five years, isn't it?

She deserves to be applauded, not mocked on social media. 

We mean, come on, folks.

Let's try to be better, okay?

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