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Though some credit Kylie Jenner for registering tens of thousands to vote, critics say that one reminder to vote is the least that she could do.

The way that Kylie flaunts her wealth while millions struggle to make rent and over 200,000 Americans have died just doesn’t sit right with some people.

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Flawless nails are expensive to maintain. Diamond rings are just plain pricey.

But that crocodile skin bag in the photo may be the most opulent display of Kylie’s wealth, however.

That is an Hermes Diamond Birkin bag. In 2017, one of these bags broke the record for the most expensive bag ever auctioned. 

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The fact that a pouch made out of an old cranky water monster’s skin can sell for such an inflated value is a damning indictment of our world’s values.

But a number of Kylie’s critics are saying that it’s the latest in a long line of instances of Kylie’s tone deaf flaunting of extreme wealth during a global crisis.

People know that she’s rich. But at a time when millions are facing eviction, having their water shut off, and worse, they’re not loving the constant visual reminders.

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We can’t say that we know what it costs to have upholstered walls … just as we cannot for the life of us explain why someone would want them in their home.

But Kylie’s choices in decor are the least of of what critics are asking to stop seeing.

A mega-rich person is of course going to have an obscenely nice house, even if the Kardashian family seems to forget that vibrant colors exist when they do their decorating.

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What critics cannot understand is how much travel Kylie has been doing this year.

At a time when many of us are unsure about seeing our families over the holidays and have not sat down in a restaurant since early March, Kylie is jetting off wherever she wants.

It’s not just the traveling, either — it’s the photos. For Kylie, it’s business as usual. For millions of fans, it’s rubbing their nose in it as a painful time for the world.

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We’ll say this much for Kylie — at least she isn’t endangering herself, her child, or dozens of others by taking unnecessary flights with others.

She has a whole private jet to herself. And criticisms of Kylie’s individual carbon footprint are likely missing the point.

The devastating environmental impact of the fossil fuel industry is so expansive that Kylie’s jet is less than a drop in the bucket. We need global change and renewable energy, not a bicycling billionaire.

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To her credit, Kylie did use her powerful platform to encourage her followers to register to vote.

Her post directly corresponded with a massive surge in visitor traffic coming from Instagram.

However, all things considered, a simple thirst trap post — which Kylie does all of the time — may be literally the least that she could conceivably do.

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Kim has her flaws … okay, flaw … okay, his name is Kanye … but she does put her platform to incredible use.

She has advocated for prison reform, putting her money where her mouth and sending her legal team to correct injustices where she sees them.

In comparison, many fans feel like, deep down, Kylie’s lifetime in the spotlight and her extreme wealth have made it hard for her to see what real life is like for people.