Kylie Jenner: I Registered 50K People to Vote! My Boobs Are Saving America!

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It wasn't a huge shock to see that Kylie Jenner posted thirst traps to save democracy by encouraging people to vote.

Laugh if you want, but ... it's working.

Kylie's Face

It's not like Kylie Jenner needs an excuse to flaunt her incredible body in a bikini ... but she used her powerful curves for a good cause.

On Monday, September 28, she took to Instagram to grab eyes and attention with her gorgeous body.

Her caption encouraged all of her followers to register to vote, using the same influence that she used to become a makeup mogul to try to save America.

Kylie Jenner IG voting promo 2020

Apparently, Kylie's curvaceous reminder to register to vote worked.

TMZ reports that Kylie's post drew in massive traffic to

As a result, the site was inundated with a 1500% boost of traffic driven from Instagram.

Kylie 2020

Over 48,000 potential new registered voters arose from one Instagram post. The number is likely continuing to rise.

That is, folks, about fifteen times the normal amount of traffic that sees.

Phrased another way, received an 80% increase in total users of its voter registration and verification tool between one day and the next.

Kylie Jenner's Sailor Cleavage

Before anyone speculates that these numbers are inflated by other factors, such as this being the week of the first debate, these metrics are not a mystery.

Only about 2,900 users took the leap from Instagram to the registration verification tool on Sunday.

This was out of 174,000 to use that tool that day from any source. So yes, it seems clear that Kylie sent them.

Kylie Jenner Voter Registration

Believe it or not, only about 138 million out of 328 million Americans voted in 2016.

It is truly an indictment of our system that anyone, from politicians to celebrities to influencers, has to beg people to vote.

That said, in many cases, voters are not demotivated because of some intrinsic personality flaw, but because of campaigns designed to discourage them, including voter disenfranchisement.

Kylie Jenner Gropes Herself

This year has shown unprecedented enthusiasm for early voting, driven by both the COVID-19 pandemic and by the absolute horrors of the Trump Administration.

Four years ago, fewer than 10,000 Americans had voted early. This year, so far, more than 1 million have cast their ballots.

This year has the highest rate of early voting in US history.

Kylie Jenner 2020

One thing of interest is that Kylie has not technically endorsed any candidate. In 2016, she voiced her support for Hillary Clinton.

It's no mystery who Kylie is voting for, as with the rest of her family, but she has yet to officially state that she's supporting Biden.

The general consensus is that Kylie may be keeping quiet out of misplaced respect for brother-in-law Kanye West and his farcical Presidential run. 

Kylie Jenner's Cleavage in 2020

(LOL, can you imagine having to talk to Kanye with a straight face? Kim roped her entire family into an uncomfortable position by marrying him)

Some may say that the numbers using the site, impressive though they may be, aren't enough to tilt an election in either direction.

While it's true that the electoral college awards disproportionate voting power to sparsely populated rural states, a massive show of voter enthusiasm can overcome even the greatest electoral roadblocks.

Kylie Jenner: The Cleavage

Additionally, there is more than just the presidency at stake right now.

Yes, deposing one a brainrotten maniac who openly gives instructions to white supremacist groups is the highest priority.

But senate races, government races, and other key items on the ballot can come down to just a few thousand votes. Winning back the White House is only part of the solution to save our country from ruin.

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