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Millions of Americans have experienced loss or were forced to make some sort of sacrifice as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

So Kim Kardashian probably shouldn’t anticipate a ton of sympathy for the fact that the health crisis is royally screwing up her birthday week.

Kim Kardashian Is 40

Just last week, Kim took a ton of flak for saying the coronavirus gave us all a "break," a remark that was understandably not appreciated by those who lost loved ones, jobs, and businesses as a result of the pandemic.

Now, Kim is complaining about the effect that the virus is having on her social life.

"It was going to be called Wild, Wild Miss West’s 40th Birthday. I had Manfred Thierry Mugler make me a metal costume. Like, a cowgirl costume," Kim said in a recent interview with Grazia.

Kim Kardashian Cries on Netflix

“I have it and it is insane. We did virtual fittings. I don’t even want to waste it on a party me for myself with five people," she added.

"I want it to be something. So, I’m thinking maybe next year. I can have it on my 41st. We can still call it my 40th, right?”

We understand Kim’s thinking here.

Kim Kardashian in Closet

She probably had the whole thing mapped out in her mind, complete with Will Smith and Sisqo performing the title track from the Wild Wild West soundtrack.

You don’t want to waste an entrance like that on a bunch of toddlers and a surly Kanye in sweatpants.

That said, it’s really not fair of Kim to tease us with the prospect of a metallic cowboy costume and then make us wait a full year to see it.

Kanye Photographs Kim

Does she not realize Halloween has been canceled?

This might be our only opportunity to see a crazy steampunk cowgirl costume until 2021!

Oh, well, at least Kim has been providing regular views of her 40-year-old boobs as compensation.

The other part of this interview that caught people by surprise was Kim’s revelation that she earns as much from a single Instagram post as she does from an entire season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

"We would not be who we are today without Keeping Up With The Kardashians and that’s why we continue to share our lives," the mother of four told the magazine.

"Even if, realistically, we can post something on social media and make more than we do a whole season."

So … does that mean she sometimes rakes in seven figures for a selfie?

We guess you can add that to the very, very long list of reasons that no one feels much pity for Kim Kardashian.

Sure, she’s married to Kanye, but other than that, everything in her life seems pretty darn cool!