Dorit Kemsley: Becoming a Kim Kardashian Lookalike???

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Fans know that Dorit Kemsley has some incredible looks, stunning even her fellow Housewives with her sense of style.

But one of her latest looks has fans wondering if she's trying to morph into Kim Kardashian.

Dorit Kemsley Sports a Brand New Look

So, a few days ago, Dorit took to Instagram to share her look.

She was engaging in a round of video conference calls, a habit that is not going away as the pandemic worsens in most parts of the country.

"On Tuesdays, we zoom," Dorit tagged the photo, making a delightful Mean Girls reference. Here, you can see the pic for yourself.

Dorit Kemsley at the Season 10 Reunion

Dorit may be excited to reveal the new product lineup for her Beverly Beach swimwear line, but she was alsready sampling some of the brand's bronzer.

It was her hair -- flawlessly straightened -- and the makeup look that she was sporting that caught people's eyes.

To them, it seemed less like Beverly Hills and more like a look you'd find 40 minutes away in Calabasas, if you catch our meaning.

Dorit Kemsley is Way Too Optimistic

"You're starting to look like a Kardashian," commented one fan.

Shining, almost absurdly healthy hair falling perfectly straight despite having body and a touch of volume is often associated with the Kardashians -- at this length, particularly with Kim.

"Seriously thought it was Kim K 2.0 for a second," another confessed.

Dorit Kemsley is Shocked and Surprised

"Kim Kardashian Kemsley is that you ????" another commenter jokingly asked.

Another quipped: "Who are you and what have you done to Dorit?!"

"I'm not kidding, I had to check the name and make sure I wasn't following Kim Kardashian," someone who likely has face blindness of some sort confessed.

Dorit Kemsley Poses in a High-End Flower Crown

Others chimed in to support Dorit emotionally, as if she were an insecure 15-year-old and not a 44-year-old woman with an estimated net worth of $50 million.

"Be yourself! You are gorgeous without makeup," wrote one fan, who then insisted: "The Kardashian look is not a good one."

I'm not saying that all of the Kardashians are necessarily the embodiment of human perfection, but "the Kardashian look" has made their family worth 10 figures.

Dorit Kemsley Has Been BLOCKED

"Gorgeous but you don’t look like yourself anymore," another commenter observed, taking a bit of a critical tone.

"You were gorgeous already," another fan insisted. 

"Please don’t change anymore. You are too beautiful to pull of a kardashian look," yet another demanded.

Dorit Kemsley and Kim Richards at the Surprise Shower

To be clear, literally all that Dorit did was straighten her hair and lightly tweak her face's makeup, with a little added emphasis to her eyelashes.

When you go on television with a specific look, you are not signing a pact to always have tha tlook, whether it's Dorit's very intense and tight ponytails or her scrunched up shoulder-length bobs.

The Kardashians have had the gall to try to trademark a number of things, but straightened hair is not one of them. Not yet.

Kyle Richards and Dorit Kemsley React

Dorit can change up her looks if she wants to.

Fans are certainly allowed to offer feedback, but sometimes fans who see someone on television and on their phones can cross boundaries and forget that, well, famous people don't know them.

We're sure that Dorit will be just fine despite the backlash ... if she ever even saw those comments in the first place.

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