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Proud covidiot Kelly Dodd flaunted her mask-free bridal shower and made sure to mock Black Lives Matter while she was at it.

Fans are campaigning to ask Bravo to fire her. Kelly is responding in typical Kelly style — insults and half-apologies.

Kelly Dodd in a Drunk Wives Matter Hat

No, you did not misread Kelly Dodd’s hat in this photo.

She chose the upload of pictures from her bridal party to share her "Drunk Wives Matter" hat with the world.

Before we go into the backlash that this callous parody of Black Lives Matter warranted, let’s put it in full context.

Kelly Dodd Mask-Free Bridal Shower

Kelly Dodd is getting married on October 10, 2020.

It’s a cute wedding date … if you think that having the numbers of the date are more important than avoiding unnecessary risks during a deadly pandemic.

All year long, Kelly has made it clear that she thinks that anyone prioritizing their or other people’s safety over being spitefully ignorant is a fool. Her bridal shower was no different.

The guest list appeared to number over a dozen people, including some fellow housewives.

Photos from the event were indoors and outdoors.

Again and again, we see heads inches apart and not a mask in sight.

Kelly Dodd Endangers Guests Indoors

As if to mock the very concept of viral transmission, Kelly tried to "clap back" at criticisms of her Masque of the Red Death reenactment.

How? By claiming that they did wear masks, actually.

For a single photo, Kelly had everyone wear matching masks that they clearly put on and took off for the occassion. This is not how masks work at all.

Honestly, no wonder Kelly is convinced that masks "don’t work" — something that we know because she was temporarily in Twitter Jail after sharing a video that lied to that effect — if this is how she wears them.

But the larger issue in many fans’ minds is that Kelly continues to be accused of racism, particularly when it comes to her statements about Black Lives Matter.

From wearing that mocking hat to labelling courageous protesters as "terrorism in America" in June, Kelly has doubled down on her stances for months.

A number of Real Housewives fan blogs have agreed to not cover Orange County in the upcoming season, taking a stand by not giving a platform to Kelly.

Fan blogs are the bread and butter of reality TV fandoms. 

Kelly’s response to these blogs? Name-calling.

Kelly Dodd Wears a Dangerously Unsafe Face Mask

"These are the whack jobs after me!" Kelly bemoaned on Instagram.

"I am a Mexican and my husband to be is a Jew," she adds before calling the person posting about her a "dumbass."

In a later post, Kelly took on a more subdued tone when trying to explain away the hat that she wore and photographed herself wearing.

"I got lots of gifts and briefly displayed them," Kelly protests. "One was a hat with a play on words."

"Since I’m about to be a wife, I’m on a Housewives TV show, and might be drunk once in a while," she explains.

Kelly insists: "It was not intended to offend or make any kind of statement."

Kelly Dodd Mocks Her Haters

"Of course I support black lives and racial equality," she then claims, though stopping short of saying Black Lives Matter.

We also did not detect an actual apology in the mix — just justifications.

In most cases, we would want to give the benefit of the doubt. But again and again, Kelly has made malicious statements this year. It is hard for many fans to see this as anything but one more example.