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Demi Lovato uses her voice to make incredible music and to speak on important issues

Right now, she’s using that voice to talk about boobs. Her boobs, specifically.

Demi Lovato Gets Sensual
Photo via Instagram

Demi Lovato posted a pair of gorgeous photos to Instagram.

The subject of the pics? Her lovely self. The subject of her caption, on the other hand, was tittaayyys. Her word, not ours.

"Fun fact: I never had boobs until I started eating what I wanted," Demi begins.

Photo via Instagram

"My whole life I hated my small tittaayyys," Demi confessed.

"And then when I finally let go of my eating issues," she shared, "I GOT THE BOOBS I WANTED!!!"

Demi then clarified: "This is no push-up bra or boob-job y’all!!!"

Demi Lovato on a Boat
Photo via Instagram

"IT’S ALL ME!!" Demi proclaimed.

"And you know what," she pointed out, "they’re gonna change too!!!"

Demi acknowledges that her breasts will change in shape and size before writing: "AND I’LL BE OKAY WITH THAT AS WELL!!"

Photo via Instagram

"But let this be a lesson y’all," Demi said to her fans and followers.

She noted that "our bodies will do what they are SUPPOSED to."

But Demi stressed that this will only happen "when we let go of trying to control what it does for us."

Demi Lovato Swimsuit Photo
Photo via Instagram

"Oh the irony…. " Demi remarked.

"Did you have a similar experience when making peace with your eating issues??" she asked any of her fans who may have gone through something similar.

Demi concluded her caption by writing: "I’d love to hear!!!"

Demi Lovato Swimsuit Selfie
Photo via Instagram

So, first of all, we must acknowledge that it had never once occurred to us that Demi Lovato’s boobs were in any way "lacking" or undersized.

Different people have different preferences and ideas about bodies, but the only opinion that counts about Demi’s body is Demi’s opinion.

She has clearly struggled with body image issues. It is likely that she saw a distorted version of herself, perceiving flaws where there are none.

Demi Lovato in Bora Bora
Photo via Instagram

So no matter how far back you look for photos of Demi’s rockin’ bod to point out photos where her boobs were prominent, it doesn’t matter.

Body dysphoria — especially the kind that leads to disordered eating — does not listen to reason or respond to evidence.

We are so happy that Demi is in a place where she can love her body and celebrate it.

Demi Lovato Tattoo Image
Photo via Instagram

As for her statements about how her boobs will change over time, that is a very realistic statement.

The fact of the matter is that human bodies are not static.

One day, transhumanism will give us all perfect, synthetic bodies that do not change. For now, our flesh prisons will change over time — in shape and size.

Photo via Instagram

Demi has been open about her mental health challenges and about her struggles to accept her body.

There are enormous pressures in society that force women in particular to alter their bodies in ways that will conform to fashionable tastes at the time.

These pernicious social forces are magnified on famous women, particularly those who grow up famous.

Demi Lovato Unedited Bikini Pic
Photo via Instagram

Demi has always been gorgeous, but the point is for her to see that — the rest of us knowing this obvious truth doesn’t do much good on its own.

We are so happy to see Demi embracing her body — and the future changes that it may undergo.

Congratulations to Demi and to her tiddies. We mean that sincerely.