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It’s been a while since we checked in with Courtney Stodden.

Some things have changed (she’s no longer a blonde!) while others, of course, have remained the same (she still enjoys posing in racy pics in various forms of undress, and for that, we thank her).

Courtney Stodden In 2020
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But in all seriousness, Courtney has been through a lot in her 26 years, and she no doubt has a lot to say about her life as a child bride and an overnight tabloid celebrity.

Which is why it’s actually pretty exciting that Courtney has a memoir on the way.

Sure, celebrity autobiographies are a dime a dozen, but Courtney’s experience in the spotlight is unique for a number of reasons.

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Courtney married 50-year-old actor Doug Hutchison back in 2011, when she was just 16.

Though both parties now admit that their relationship was basically a sham from the start, it took until this year for Courtney and Doug to finalize their divorce.

So we guess something good came out of 2020 after all!

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The final years of her marriage were not easy on Courtney, with the low point coming when she (allegedly) faked a miscarriage in order to drum up attention and sympathy.

According to Hutchison’s memoir, he and Courtney assumed they would land a lucrative reality show deal soon after they married.

When they didn’t, they became desperate, and the miscarriage hoax was their last desperate bid at relevancy.

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It’s a chapter in her life that Courtney has been hesitant to talk about, but she’ll presumably address it in her memoir, along with a number of other difficult periods in her life, including her abusive childhood.

These days, Courtney is pulling a genius bait-and-switch routine with her Instagram followers, bringing them in with her famous curves and then delivering powerful messages about important issues.

Sometimes, Courtney is political, such as when she posted this nightmare-inducing image of herself in a Donald Trump mask.

Photo via Instagram

Other times, her messages are more personal, such as when she opened up about her addiction to anti-anxiety medication.

"A week of detox and I’m finally down to .25 of Xanax. Half way there! Can’t wait to live life without having to take Xanax!" she wrote on Instagram.

"For all those suffering from addiction, never detox without the supervision of a psychiatrist! And never EVER feel embarrassed or weak about your recovery. This is why I’m choosing to live this one out loud – get help and be honest with yourself first and foremost."

Courtney Stodden Smiles in the Warm Light
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We rarely hear from celebrities who are still battling to get clean, and there are millions of Americans who could benefit from Courtney’s optimism.

If she’s this much of an open book on social media, we can only imagine how candid her memoir will be.

We could be on the verge of a tell-all classic.