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Connor Chandler has finally spoken out about his recent run-in with the law.

As previously reported, the 21-year old son of Caryn Chandler — who has been dating Little People, Big World patriarch Matt Roloff for years — was arrested back in January on harassment charges.

Caryn Chandler's Son, Connor

He was then was booked in late August for failure to appear in court, following a warrant he was served as a result of his aforementioned arrest.

These incidents came about two years after Connor admitted he had long been battling a substance abuse problem.

In a revealing statement from 2018, he acknowledged this drug use started when he was 13 and he went on to apologize to his semi-famous mother.

“Mom, im so sorry," Connor wrote at the time

"I took you through hell and back with my past addiciton. But just know, its over, and that thats never going to change, i will continue to do good and stay sober for the rest of my life."

Caryn Chandler and 2 Kids

Now, Connor has opened up once more… speaking to The Sun about the August arrest.

"I woke up to cops," he explained to this newspaper.

"I guess some random kids that showed up were giving the staff a hard time, I barely remember.

"They were pulling everyone out the room because some kids got us kicked out. Drunk, obnoxious, loud random kids, that’s what happened."

Connor swears he doesn’t really party anymore, but was just caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.

"I gave them my name and they told me I had a warrant, I was so confused," he continued to The Sun, adding that he wasn’t aware he was due in court.

"They sent mail to the wrong address I’m legally not even allowed at, stating my court date changed, so I didn’t even know I had a warrant at the time.

"The charges should have been dropped last month. I have been clean off drugs since I was a kid, it’s been hard to get a job now that this is out."

Caryn Chandler, Connor Chandler, Brittany Chandler

Chandler says he started using Xanax as a young teenager and has been hospitalized 12 times over the years due to various overdoses.

He has been in and out of jail for a number of crimes, but insists he cleaned up his act and was disappointed to find himself back behind bars earlier this year.

“Rehab never helped," he tells The Sun.

"I ended up getting clean after I turned 18 and on my own, once I was off probation. It just happened, one day I was done, tired of living that life."

Caryn has never discussed her son’s challenges on Little People, Big World.

But Connor is an open book here.

"Addiction took over my life," he admits.

"I never thought I would end up the way I did then…

"I’m glad it happened when I was a kid, that’s what I can say, I was able to really learn before I truly started my future. I’m a good kid."

Court papers obtained by The Sun this year claim Connor “did unlawfully and intentionally harass or annoy” his own mother by subjecting her to “offensive physical contact."

Scary stuff. But hopefully now in the past.

Connor says he now has a girlfriend and also has very simple goes for the future:

“Maintain a job, keep my relationships stable with my family and just ignore the negatives in life.”