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Selling Sunset has been making headlines everywhere this summer, and the stars are taking full advantage.

Now, Christine Quinn is thirst trapping the world with a jaw-dropping Maxim cover.

Maxim is well known for having an eye for some of the most gorgeous ladies on the planet.

From models plucked from obscurity to celebrities ready to showcase their assets, this is the magazine.

The Down Under iteration of the magazine is no different, and Christine Quinn is a total knockout.

Normally, we would make a joke about how the Selling Sunset star looks as hot as some part of California’s geography at the moment.

But considering the devastating infernos that have raged along the west coast for weeks, reddening the sun and darkening the sky … maybe we’ll skip that.

We will also avoid calling Christine the absolute smokeshow that she clearly is. The puns can wait for the disasters to end … if they can end.

Christine Quinn on Instagram

In August, Christine opened up about how vicious some people can be.

When the new season of Selling Sunset aired, there was a spike in "hurtful" social media criticism directed at her.

“People that don’t know me say hurtful things," she lamented about the online abuse.

Christine Quinn Wedding Photo

"I’m just like, ‘Ugh, whatever,’" Christine characterized her response.

She expressed that she reminds herself: "I don’t know these people."

It is more difficult to keep that sense of perspective when the hate is originating closer to home.

"But when I hear stuff from other people… That’s upsetting," Christine confessed.

"Sometimes, it hurts my feelings," she acknowledged. We would be amazed if it did not.

She added: "Sometimes, it makes me cry.” Many reality stars know that life.

Christine is one of the stars of Selling Sunset, a Netflix reality series following realtors from The Oppenheim Group.

Many shows about real estate follow only one family or focus almost entirely upon the actual houses.

Part of this show’s appeal is its ensemble cast and how thoroughly the show explores their personal lives. Realty is not at the forefront.

Part of what made this season of Selling Sunset so sensational was some very personal drama.

Christine’s frenemy, Chrishell Stause, was recently divorced from her dreamboat of an actor husband, Justin Hartley.

Though both Chrishell and Justin had worked on soap operas for years, Justin is now perhaps best known for his role on This Is Us (even though, in our hearts, he will always be Smallville‘s Green Arrow).

Justin Hartley with Chrishell Stause

Until the season premiered, almost no one knew the details of how their divorce had gone down.

Breaking down in tears, Chrishell described how Justin had texted her to inform her that he had filed for divorce.

He ended their marriage … with a text message.

While the world has yet to hear Justin’s side of things, that eye-catching detail drove massive interest in the Netflix reality series.

That is not to say that it was not already popular. But now, people who’d never felt interested or even heard of the show were curious.

Chrishell’s loss in her personal life may be the show’s game — and has been a boost to all of her castmates, including her frenemy, Christine.