Larissa Lima: Did She FAKE Her ICE Arrest to Highlight Move to Colorado?

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As we reported to you while it was happening, Larissa Lima was arrested by ICE on Saturday.

But after she was released from custody, a rumor began to circulate: did she FAKE being arrested as a publicity stunt?

Larissa Lima in September 2020

In a word: no.

But the litany of common sense reasons why Larissa would not and did not fabricate such a horrifying experience are falling on deaf ears among those who have chosen to despise her.

Perhaps visual evidence will succeed where reason failed?

Carmen Nys IG - Larissa Lima ICE arrest docs from 19 September 2020

Carmen Nys, Larissa's friend who first raised the alarm about the arrest, shared a look at the Homeland Security docs.

"When Eric and I went there, the office was closed for the public," she writes. "They did not allow us to get in."

"They had only two officers outside," Carmen shares, "who told us to go home and wait."

Larissa Lima Flexes Her New Body

Carmen says that they were told to wait "because if they [didn't] find anything to charge her, she would be released in 24 hours."

"This is exactly what happened," she notes. Fortunately, in Larissa's case, it was more like four hours.

Carmen concludes her message: "I would never lie about something [involving] a federal agency."

Carmen Nys IG - Larissa Lima arrested by ICE 19 September 2020

Additionally, TMZ has confirmed the documents, noting that Larissa was "placed in removal proceedings."

Unfortunately, she has an upcoming hearing that will determine if she has to surrender herself for deportation.

However, Larissa was released under her own recognizance and allowed to continue on her journey with boyfriend Eric Nichols.

Larissa Lima is FREE

"Larissa was taken into custody from ICE early [Saturday] morning," Larissa's rep, Lindsay Feldman, confirmed to People.

This happened "just as she was getting into a U-Haul truck with her boyfriend Eric Nichols, while preparing to move to Colorado for a fresh new start."

Feldman emphasizes that the arrest was due to a "misunderstanding," and that Larissa and Eric were soon on their way.

Larissa Lima, Eric Nichols, and a U-Haul

Together, Larissa and Eric have moved to the new home that they purchased.

This new house is in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Despite the shaky beginning to their trip, it looks like the rest of the move was relatively uneventful.

Carmen Nys IG - Larissa Lima was detained, not charged

Carmen offered further explanation and clarification, noting that Larissa was not charged but merely detained.

We are sure that this was a traumatic nightmare for her -- she has made it clear for some time that being ripped away from her life and banished to Brazil is one of her greatest fears.

Saturday's arrest was a frightening incident for everyone who cares about her journey and has followed her for years.

Larissa Lima - f--k my life

The knowledge that she could be forced to leave has to have left her frazzled. We can only imagine what it feels like ot live with a target on her back.

But for now, it looks like she is getting accustomed to Colorado Springs and her new life.

She plans to share more of her journey with fans on her YouTube channel ... after she gets herself situated.

Larissa Lima - it's very important to me to stay in America

Many 90 Day Fiance fans have correctly used this opportunity to note that ICE should be abolished -- which is frankly a moderate position to take on this nightmarish agency.

Even those who are not fans or supporters of Larissa are echoing this call.

But for now, it is enough to hope that Larissa's life does not get turned upside down all because, ultimately, the man she fell in love with and married preferred to cheat on her and play mind games.

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