Kendra Caldwell: Pregnant Wife of Joseph Duggar SLAMMED For Not Wearing Mask In Public!

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Last month, the world learned that Kendra Duggar is pregnant with yet another child.

The news came as somewhat of a shock, as the 22-year-old just welcomed her second baby, daughter Addison Rae, in November of 2019.

Kendra Duggar and Joseph Duggar

Even in the Duggar family, where breeding trumps all, women usually take at least a year off to recover between pregnancies.

But Kendra's not messing around when it comes to baby-making.

In fact, she might be the only Duggar woman who's prepared to give Michelle a run for her money in terms of the sheer volume of human life to emerge from her loins.

Joseph Duggar Baby News

Of course, in order to do that she'll need to continue breeding for many years to come.

Which means she'll need to remain healthy.

And based on her latest photo, it seems that Kendra is not too concerned with the advice of medical professionals.

Kendra Caldwell: Pregnant, No Mask

Not surprisingly, this photo appeared on a friend's page, not on Kendra's.

Kendra was at an event hosted by the Rhea Lana's children's consignment chain, and unlike the other women in the picture she opted not to wear her mask over her nose, which means she might as well not be wearing one at all.

As you might have expected, commenters were quick to point out her error, which is particularly frustrating, as Kendra is pregnant, and the other women in the photo seem to have no trouble wearing their masks correctly.

Joe, Kendra, Family

"I feel like you have to go out of your way to wear a blue surgical mask incorrectly," one person remarked, according to The Sun.

"Just bend the friggin wire its NOT THAT HARD. These people are a special kind of stupid," another commented.

"People who wear their masks like Kendra are literally creating an air corridor towards their neighbor. Congratulations, you couldn't be anymore of an idiot," a third chimed in.

Kendra Duggar Counting On

Another anticipated one of the more common anti-masker responses by pointing by pointing out that the little rectangles of cloth are "not difficult to breathe though… like at all."

Unless you have some sort of respiratory issue, this is indeed the case for most people.

And if Kendra does have a respiratory issue, she should probably avoid well-attended public events and stay home as much as possible for the remainder of her pregnancy.

Kendra, Joe Duggar

The incident raises questions about how Kendra and her famous family have responded to the pandemic that's now claimed nearly 200,000 American lives.

It's been rumored that Jim Bob Duggar believes the coronavirus is a hoax.

And if that's Jim Bob's stance, you can be sure it's been adopted by at least most of his kids.

Kendra on Instagram

Are Joe and Kendra drinking the Kool-Aid and following Jim Bob down the conspiracy theory rabbit hole?

That certainly seems to be the case, which is quite worrisome, as the effects of the virus on fetuses and pregnant women are not yet fully understood by the medical community.

Here's hoping Kendra just wanted to show off for her father-in-law, and she proceeded to wear a mask correctly for the rest of the night

Staying on Jim Bob's good side is important to any Duggars' financial future -- but it's not worth dying over.

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