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If you’re a Duggar fan, we’re sure we don’t have to tell you that Jana Duggar is still single.

In fact, the 30-year-old’s decision to remain unattached might be the number one topic of conversation in the more Duggar-obsessed corners of the internet.

Jana Duggar on TLC's Counting On
Photo via TLC

For a long time, Josh Duggar’s disgustingness held that title, but even the family’s harshest critics eventually got sick of talking about that monster.

So now, Jana is back at center stage, and as usual, fans are dissecting her every social media post in search of clues that the eldest Duggar daughter is in love.

And we don’t know if it’s quarantine-induced boredom or a need to escape the horrors of every day existence by delving into a stranger’s personal life, but the rumor mill has been especially active these past few weeks.

Jana Duggar is Single
Photo via Instagram

First, fans were convinced that Jana was dating Laura DeMasie in defiance of her family’s bigoted, anti-gay views.

Within days, however, a different prevailing theory emerged.

This one held that Jana was being courted by Lawson Bates, a longtime friend of her family’s.

Photo via Instagram

That one seems considerably more plausible, as Lawson would almost certainly meet with Jim Bob’s approval, whereas the news that Jana is romantically involved with Laura would lead to her being disowned by her family.

But Jana’s fans are much less picky and controlling than her father.

They don’t care who she dates; they just want her to enter a relationship so that she can the hell away from Jim Bob and the many, many household chores she’s forced to attend to on a daily basis.

Jana Duggar Counting On! Photo
Photo via Instagram

We appreciate their optimism, but thus far, every single Jana courtship rumor has turned out to be bogus.

However, there’s new reason to be hopeful, thanks to two recent developments.

For starters, the Duggars teased a courtship announcement that will apparently be made on an upcoming episode of Counting On.

Jana Duggar in a Skirt
Photo via Instagram

Of course, there are five Duggar kids who are currently over the age of 18 and single.

So the announcement could pertain to any one of them, but fans have their fingers crossed that Jana’s big moment is finally at hand.

And these Jana boosters are so eager to believe that they’ve gone further than ever in picking apart her latest post in search or clues.

Photo via Instagram

Some have even gone so far as to insist that what we’re looking at here is the first of Jana’s engagement photos.

"Always pray to have eyes that see the best in people, a heart that forgives the worst, a mind that forgets the bad, and a soul that never loses faith in God," Jana captioned the pic, which appeared on her Instagram page earlier this week.

The photo is markedly different from the kind that Jana usually shares, and her followers were quick to take notice.

Jana Duggar Outside
Photo via Instagram

"She’s very well-dressed for a day at the compound," one fan observed.

"I think this is an outtake from her engagement shoot," another commented.

Normally, we would be quick to dismiss such speculation, but since it was recently confirmed that a Duggar is secretly courting, we’re not counting anything out.

Jana Duggar on Counting On: A Photo
Photo via TLC

The fact is, we’ve never witnessed these circumstances before.

Usually, when a Duggar is courting, the family makes the announcement, and a wedding follows soon after.

If Jana was already involved in a relationship back when the current season of Counting On was filming, it’s not so outlandish to think that she might be engaged now.

Jana Duggar on Counting On Photo
Photo via TLC

All the secrecy leads us to believe that this isn’t your typical Duggar courtship announcement.

Which means we wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Jana’s time has finally come.

We’re cautiously optimistic, folks!