Isabel Rock Responds to Divorce Rumors: Is She Ready to Move On?

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Isabel Rock is paying the price for honesty right now.

Last week, the occasional Little People, Big World star came clean about her marriage.

In a revealing Instagram post, Isabel admitted that things have been rough between her and husband Jacob Roloff for the past year or so.

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"It would be disingenuous to pretend like this year has been easy for us," Isabel came right out and wrote to open a lengthy caption, acknowleging that the past several months haven't been ideal for anyone in America.

"A lot of change, transitions, and growth has happened this year for our little family," Isabel continued.

"Then add a global pandemic, the loss of family members, devastating wildfires in our home state.

"There’s been some stressful external factors as well, to say the least."

Isabel Roloff and Jacob

It was an admirable example of someone being open and candid with her followers.

But it also led to an inevitable question:

Are Jacob and Isabel about to get divorced? Only a year-plus after exchanging vows?

Someone posed this exact inquiry to Isabel on Instagram a couple days ago, prompting the 24-year old to respond with two simple words: Definitely not.

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The TLC personalities got married in September of 2019 at the Roloff family farm in Oregon after getting engaged while on vacation in December of 2017.

They rarely appear on Little People, Big World after Jacob dropped out of the show just over four years ago.

He did so by calling out the series and even members of his famiily, trashing them as fake and phony and kind of pathetic.

That was back then, though, and now Jacob is on very good terms with his parents and his siblings, for the most part.

Jacob Roloff and His Better Half

Jacob and Isabel spend most of their time these days traveling around the Pacific Northwest in an old van with their two dogs.

They may be adding to theirr brood one day, too, because Isabel recently said that kids are very much in the plans for her and Jacob.

She also told a follower that, yes, she has feuded with some of her in-laws in the past.

She didn't specifically call out Audrey, even though we've spent a lot of time documenting their obvious beef.

Bride. Groom. Gorgeous.

"Do you struggle w/ family members being conservative and still staying true 2 who you are?" one individual asked Isabel this week, clearly in tune with what's been going on.

"To be honest I did a lot when I was younger," Isabel replied, adding:

"I have always been a people please and wanted people to like me.

"So I struggled expressing myself and my opinions. Thankfully with time I have grown and changed. I know now you can love somebody wholeheartedly and also disagree with them wholeheartedly."

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