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At the 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 5 Tell All special, Andrei repeatedly insisted that he’s "the man of the house."

Now, Elizabeth is defending his position as a stay-at-home dad from critics who say that Andrei is just lazy and that she’s a pushover.

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"I love you [two]," praises a fan commenter.

"Stop listening to your brother and sister," the fan instructs Libby.

"And," the commenter affirms, "there is nothing wrong with a stay-at-home dad."

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Elizabeth saw the comment and responded.

“Nothing at all wrong with it!" Libby wrote in response to Andrei’s SAH dad status.

She added: "He is an amazing daddy."

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Season 5 of Happily Ever After? certainly gave us some cute moments between Elizabeth and Andrei despite the mountains of drama.

The two of them were downright playful at their Moldovan wedding.

But it is interesting to note that, during that same season, Elizabeth seemed to have a different opinion about Andrei.

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As we saw in Moldova, after her father and brother arrived, Libby didn’t back up Andrei’s claim that she wanted him to be a stay-at-home parent.

Instead, she told him that she no longer felt that way.

Andrei, seemingly perplexed at her alleged change of heart, accused her of changing her mind on the spot.

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Maybe Elizabeth was creating conflict on purpose in front of the cameras, and didn’t really object to Andrei not working.

Alternatively, maybe she really is just a pushover for her family, and her father and brother peer pressured her into turning around and pressuring her husband into getting a job.

Of course … Libby’s attitude may have changed after Andrei’s outrageous behavior in Moldova.

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Andrei was thrilled to brag about living the good life in America, bragging to his visibly weirded out family and friends that he loves sending his wife off to work.

It seemed less a statement about getting to spend time with his daughter while taking pride in his wife’s career and, from his tone on the show, more like a boast about how easy his life is.

This was only the tip of the iceberg, however.

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Andrei seemed even more misogynistic than usual during the weeks leading up to the wedding.

Whether he was acting out for the cameras or to impress his family, he was acting deeply rude.

If the drama that played out on camera is to be believed, he nearly cost himself this second wedding, and perhaps his marriage.

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We cannot say for sure how much of the absolute nonsense that went on in Moldova was just for TV — from Elizabeth, from Andrei, or for the Potthast family.

But the issue of Andrei promising to get a job and then not doing so, turning down generous offers because of his undeserved sense of pride, is not new.

Some fans think that it isn’t so much that Libby wanted him to be a stay-at-home parent as that she just gave up on him finding gainful employment … and just accepted things as they were.

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Now, we are totally on board with stay at home parents of any gender. It’s an important job, one that fewer and fewer people can afford to do in our nightmarish economy.

(Of course, childcare is so expensive that some people with hefty salaries still find it cheaper to stay at home with the kids rather than continue working — of those who can even afford to be parents)

Being a stay-at-home father is a great thing — but critiques of Andrei assuming that role are less about gender and more about the man himself. And remember, it’s Andrei who seems obsessed with gender, not fans.