Dove Cameron Thirst Traps Fans With Glowing Mirror Selfie

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Even though Hollywood almost destroyed her as a child actress, Dove Cameron isn't letting anything hold her back.

Right now, that means thirst trapping her fans and followers for a very important cause.

Dove Cameron Mirror Selfie

The Descendants alum Dove Cameron took to Instagram to share a glimpse at her looking positively radiant.

Seriously, she is glowing. This may be the first time that we've seen someone pull off a sweaty thirst trap.

But though we love the look of her giving us big "Gen Z Terminator" vibes (don't ask why; I can't explain it), the reason for the post was even better.

Dove Cameron IG - it's your boyfriend. register to vote!

"Hey, it’s your boyfriend," Dove quips in her caption.

She continues: "just double checking that you’re registered to vote #nationalvoterregistrationday."

We cannot think of a more pivotal year for people to register to vote and go out in droves ... except, you know, for 2016.

Dove Cameron Tantalizes in the Mirror

Dove, like so many of us, does not want to see America dissolve into a cluster of dysfunctional Baltic states and surrender world leadership to a hostile foreign power.

She also does not want to see America continue on its current path of devolving into a fascist nightmare. She also does not want for both of those things to happen, which is always possible

An actionable, accessible way to prevent that is to make sure that you are properly registered to vote and then go actually vote in November -- and this isn't just about the Presidency.

Dove Cameron Cools Off on a Hot Day

Straight-ticket, down-ballot voting at every elected level is vital if we want to save America from the death-grip of tyranny, white nationalism, and levels of brazen political corruption never before seen in our lifetimes.

Few things have highlighted the importance of non-POTUS voting like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Having governors who will not dance and sing along with a madman's tune as he leads over 200,000 Americans to their preventable deaths has saved countless lives this year.

Dove Cameron Serving So Much Hair

And Dove is an ideal person to share this message.

She is young, she is a beautiful actress whose longtime fans are young adults themselves.

Too many Millennials and Gen Z young adults are so horrified by what they see in the world that they romanticize true revolution. Voting is a more realistic and winnable path to a better future.

Dove Cameron Goes Topless in the Desert

Dove cares about herself, her loved ones, strangers she has never met, and the fate of the world.

That is why she is using her voice, her platform, and yes, her thirst trap in order to share this important message with her followers.

She also shared a bit of her wit, at one point referring to this as "sweater weather" -- in this case, one-who-sweats weather -- in the comments below her picture.

Dove Cameron Drives on a Road Trip

Dove has shared her story of overcoming disordered eating. Sadly, fans continue to police her body without an invitation to do so.

While Dove is best known for her role as Mal, the daughter of Maleficent and (Disney's version of) Hades, on The Descendants, she is a young actress with a tremendous career ahead of her.

We are so excited to see where her career goes. Let's be sure to vote so that we can, you know, one day safely go into theaters again.

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