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One of the perks of starring on a popular reality show is the opportunity to supplement your income with sponsored content.

Teen Mom 2 cast members have taken full advantage of their circumstances by shilling for everything from fashion designers to diet brands.

Briana DeJesus as a Teen Mom (2)
Photo via MTV

But as Briana DeJesus is currently learning the hard way, once the trust between a celeb and her followers goes out the window, it’s very difficult to get it back.

Bri has become the latest star to endorse Flat Tummy diet teas, and many of her followers are not happy with her decision.

It’s long been alleged that the company peddles overpriced laxatives, and any weight loss users experience is merely a result of the temporary loss of water weight.

Bri De

As a result, most celebs distanced themselves from Flat Tummy around the same time that they stopped shilling for waist trainer manufacturers.

Critics say the products are ineffective at best, dangerous at worst, and association with them could cause irreversible damage to one’s personal brand, which is any reality star’s most valuable asset.

But all the negative attention didn’t stop Bri from signing on the dotted line, and now, she’s taking a ton of flak for her latest post.

Briana DeJesus Sells Tea

"#ad @flattummyco is my GO-TO when I feel sluggish This all-natural detox tea gives me the energy I need to manage my busy life, and it keeps my tummy looking nice and flat," she captioned in a video in which she’s seen making a cup of the controversial tea.

"Check it out now while they have an EXTENDED Labor Day sale – use code BABE10 at the checkout for 10% off their ENTIRE collection," she added.

Bri decided not to turn off comments on the post, and fans were quick to make their opinions known.

Bri D
Photo via Instagram

"There she go again. She got to make money with scamming her own followers and you idiots believe everything," one person wrote.

"Flat tummy not since you had all that work done! I can understand the boob job but why the fake ass?" another remarked.

"Doesn’t look natural on you anymore than it does Kim Kardashian!"

Briana DeJesus in 2019
Photo via Instagram

"Scammmm," a third chimed in.

The irony here is that Bri is being accused of dishonesty following one of the most candid moments of her career.

DeJesus recently admitted to being diagnosed with an STD following a one-night stand with Luis Hernandez, the father of one of her children.

Briana says she did so in hopes of encouraging others to practice safe sex and get tested regularly.

She was widely praised for her decision, but now it seems she’s squandered much of that goodwill by partnering up with a highly suspect company.

The move is particularly baffling to fans, as Bri has launched a number of business ventures outside of Teen Mom 2, and she should feel no need to risk her reputation for cash.

Briana Takes a Selfie
Photo via Instagram

We make no claims at knowing whether or not Flat Tummy products are effective, but we do know the company has long been a source of controversy on Instagram.

So Bri should have known she was really putting herself out there with this deal.

And she may turn to pay a very steep price for accepting the offer.