Vanderpump Rules' Danica Dow Accused of Scratching, Choking Ex Over 90 Day Fiance Episode

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Earlier this week, Vanderpump Rules star Danica Dow filed for an emergency protective order against her ex-boyfriend, accusing him of stalking her.

Brett Willis is firing back, accusing Danica of multiple violent attacks - one of which over his watching an episode of 90 Day Fiance.

Danica Dow with Brett Willis

Vanderpump Rules star and SUR assistant manager Danica Dow was granted a temporary restraining order against Brett Willis on August 3.

Danica filed for the petition, requesting that the TRO be granted "as soon as possible."

She emphasizes, "this is urgent for safety reasons."

Danica Dow Picture

In the documents, she claims that Brett "broke into my home in the middle of the night" on Sunday, August 2.

During this alleged break-in, Danica writes that "He cut all of my clothes in my closet with scissors."

He also allegedly "left threatening notes."

Danica Dow and Brett Willis

She also accuses that her ex "stayed for 4 hours in hopes I would arrive, stole one of my phones to continue to stalk me."

Danica writes that Brett "has a history of being physically, and verbally abusive."

"He has threatened me multiple times before."

Brett Willis and Danica Dow

In response to this filing, Brett made a statement to E! News.

"I want to handle this amicably," Brett says.

"We got in an argument at a house party," he acknowledges.

Brett Willis with Danica Dow

"We're around a lot of her girlfriends," Brett describes, "and I'm sure it looked like I was the bad guy."

"It was nothing physical," he says, "but it was an aggressive argument on both sides."

Brett declares: "For me, I want her to retract everything."

Danica Dow with Boyfriend Brett Willis

"We work at the same establishment," Brett continues, "I want us to be able to work and keep it professional and amicable."

"Our relationship was toxic and it's not there anymore," he acknowledges.

"I still love her," Brett concludes, "but I also have to look out for myself."

Danica Dow and Brett Willis Dressed as Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Danica issued a response of her own, claiming: "Brett's version of these events are a complete lie."

"Brett kept trying to follow me around the party into different rooms and harass me," she accuses.

"I ended up staying the night at the residence," Danica shares. "Brett returned to the party hours later and was once again asked to leave by the host."

Danica Dow and Boyfriend Brett Willis

"After the second time," Danica recalls, "he was asked to leave."

Reiterating what she wrote in the TRO petition, she says "in the early hours of August 2nd, Brett was caught on security camera coming into my house."

Danica says that Brett was filmed "and entered without permission, stayed there for several hours."

Danica Dow and Brett Willis as Halloween Thirst Traps

While Brett was there, Danica accuses that he "cut holes in almost every single piece of clothing that I own with scissors, trashed my room."

She adds that he "stole my second phone, left threatening notes and then was caught on camera leaving my home hours later."

"I'm glad I did not return home that night," Danica expresses, "as the story would likely have had a much worse outcome."

Kristen Doute's Party

As Vanderpump Rules fans may recall, Lisa Vanderpump once gave Danica a two-week suspension.

At the time, this was a punishment for a physical atlercation with Brett.

Brett is not a star on the show, but he has appeared tending bar.

An Icy Look

Brett has fired back in legal documents against Danica's accusations, describing an incident from July 9, 2020.

"After a disagreement over not cleaning my dish until an episode of 90 Day Fiance was over," Brett writes.

He describes: "I decided to sit outside on the porch area until I felt Danica was calm enough for me to come inside and join her in the bedroom."

Danica Dow

"We continued the disagreement until Danica grabbed my neck twice‚" Brett accuses.

He describes Danica's alleged attack on his neck, "each time digging her nails deep and pulling hard enough to scratch off some skin from my neck."

He details that this injury "bIed a Iittle."

Danica Dow Photo

He describes another alleged attack in February in which she also drew blood, and claims to have photos from both injuries.

This is awful. No one deserves to be a victim of domestic abuse. We hope that these two stay away from each other.

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