Karine Staehle: I Just Need ONE Thing From 90 Day Fiance Fans ...

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Last week, Paul and Karine Staehle's massive fight led to police being called, a protective order against Paul, and Karine going "missing."

She's not actually missing; she and Pierre are safe. But Karine tells fans that there is only one thing that she needs from them right now.

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To say that Karine Staehle had an eventful series of days would be an understatement.

Over the weekend, in the aftermath of a police visit that Paul for some reason livestreamed to the world, she and Pierre ghosted.

People are naturally wondering if she may need help right now ... but Karine is warning fans to be wary of opportunists preying upon their sympathy.

Karine Staehle IG - I did not set up a GoFundMe

"I have not set up a GoFundMe," Karine announced on her Instagram Story.

She emphasized that she has not set up a collection account "or any other kind of means to receive money."

"Please report them" when you see them, Karine employs her followers should they encounter scammers posing as her.

Karine and Paul Stahle and Baby Pierre Between Them

There is just one thing that she wants from her fans and followers right now, but it's not money.

"All I ask," Karine writes, "is to keep your prayers for me and Pierre."

An eventful few days -- and years of stress and toxicity -- are likely just the tip of the iceberg for Karine and her son.

Karine Staehle IG - I am not missing I am safe

After Paul tried to recruit random Instagram fans to help him track down Karine, she had to take to social media herself.

She told followers that she is not "missing" as Paul had claimed, and clarified that she and Pierre are safe.

It is clearly upsetting to her that this painful chapter of her life is so very public, thanks to Paul's actions.

Karine Staehle about Paul - it's ridiculous

What makes this extra sad, from the perspective of 90 Day Fiance fans, is how much they had seemed to grow recently.

Obviously, Paul's behavior was as ridiculous as ever when he tried to impress Karine with what America had to offer ... at a grocery store.

But despite an uphill battle, Paul did manage to secure a home for them. A tiny, one-room home, but a home.

Karine Staehle - Paul is really trying to make me happy

Karine observed at the time that Paul was making an effort to accommodate her and Pierre and to provide for them.

Despite his long, long list of screw-ups, she felt reassured that he wasn't going to catastrophically fail at this.

In fact, Paul showing Karine the house provided one of the first touching moments when they seemed to like each other in a long, long time.

Karine Staehle - and right now, it makes me happy

But having a roof over your head isn't everything, and Paul knows that.

His mother, Mary, knows that, too.

The two met up at a pet store to chat in this week's episode.

Paul Staehle explains his job search

Paul admitted that his criminal record was more or less an automatic disqualifier for most of the jobs for which he applied.

Not many people want to knowingly employ an arsonist who was also accused of harassing an ex-girlfriend.

Fans were stunned and entertained when Mary told Paul that if he didn't find a job, he would essentially be a deadbeat.

Mary calls Paul Staehle a deadbeat

Mary was kind enough to pay for some pet supplies for Paul, but this will not be a regular thing.

However, this has left fans wondering what role Mary may be playing in the recent drama with Paul and Karine.

We do not know what Mary thinks of all of this. Unlike some, she is less likely to automatically side with her own child. Mary has made it clear that she doesn't think much of Paul.

Mary pays for Paul Staehle's dog treats

We don't know how much Mary knows about Paul's history of allegedly controlling and harassing women.

But she told him herself that it was irresponsible to bring a child into the world in an unstable marriage, without being able to support him.

However Karine is sustaining herself and Pierre right now, we hope that they both remain safe.

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