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Back in November, Josh and Anna Duggar welcomed their sixth child.

It was a joyous occasion for the couple, but not so much for the virulent Duggar critics who don’t love the idea of yet another daughter being entrusted to the care of a man who has molested five young girls.

Josh, Anna Duggar Birthday Party

Josh’s wife takes her share of flak — just last week, Anna clapped back at a rude fan who insulted her appearance — but the comments on her Instagram page are overwhelmingly positive and supportive.

Still, there are many who overstep their bounds a bit by offering unsolicited advice or inquiring about deeply personal matters, such as health issues.

Fortunately, Anna always usually takes these comments in stride.

Anna and Maryella

And lately, she’s been demonstrating her patience like never before, as fans grill her about non-existent health problems affecting her youngest, Maryella.

Last week, Anna posted a photo to celebrate Maryella turning nine months old.

"It’s a beautiful day to be 9 months," she captioned the pic.

"Maryella is full of energy, crawling everywhere, and has already taken a few steps! The past 9 months have flown by!"

As usual, she added the hashtag "#littleduggars" because that’s, like, some sort of spin-off brand she’s trying to make happen.

The comments should have been nothing but cute baby compliments, but fans feel like they know Anna, so they have no problem making very personal inquiries.

Josh and Anna Duggar Family Photo

“Does she have [a] milk protein intolerance like your last baby?” one fan asked in the comment, as reported by In Touch.

“I’m hoping my No. 2 doesn’t!” they added.

“Maryella does not have a milk protein intolerance! I’m so thankful!!!! It has made nursing much easier," Anna graciously replied.

Duggar Double Date

The question seems to be a result of health issues that Anna’s son Mason endured shortly after his birth.

“Allergies showed up at 2 weeks and caused us to switch to formula while momma cut dairy and other potential allergy-causing foods out of my diet (i.e. gluten, corn, soy, eggs, nuts, chicken [and] nightshade foods),” Anna wrote on Instagram at the time.

“Thankfully, as we added things back into my diet, we discovered Mason was only allergic to dairy, and, by January, he was back to 100 [percent] nursing and thriving," she added.

Anna was quite open about what a test of faith Mason’s health troubles were.

“Sometimes in life, we are faced with a mountain that seems impossible,” she wrote at the time.

“We pray asking God to move the mountain, yet God wants us to climb it! Even though it is unexpected (and hard work) it is so worth it," Anna added.

"God’s grace is sufficient for each step of the way! To have a mountain top experience you must first climb the mountain!”

Now, you might think that because Anna was so open about Mason’s issues, it’s okay to ask if Maryella is struggling.

But that’s the sort of topic that the parent will broach if they’re interested in talking about it, so if they don’t mention it, you shouldn’t either.

Also, if someone posts a pic of a cute baby, just call it a cute baby and move on!