Jill Dillard Rocks Racy Leopard Print Short Shorts, Stuns Duggar Nation

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When the feud between Derick Dillard and Jim Bob Duggar first became public knowledge, it was unclear if Jill would side with her husband or remain loyal to her father.

Now, however, it's abundantly clear that Jill Duggar is 100 percent Team Derick and no longer gives a damn what her dad thinks.

Jill Duggar in Car

We've talked extensively about the Duggar women's refusal to abide by their family's restrictive dress code.

Jinger was the first to shuck off the Little House on the Prairie look in favor of less "modest" attire, and eventually her sisters followed suit.

Jill was a bit late to the party, but now it looks as though she's making up for lost time by rocking some seriously racy outfits -- at least by Duggar standards -- on social media.

Jill Duggar Swimsuit Picture

This public rejection of her family's body-shaming restrictions began with Jill modeling swimsuits over the summer.

Obviously, the attire is very, very tame by typical swimwear standards, but Jill is violating multiple Duggar dress code rules by baring her shoulders and knees and sporting a fit that shows off her figure.

The situation was probably enough to give Jim Bob a coronary, and now, Jill has pushed the envelope even further with her latest Instagram selfies.

Jill Duggar Breaks the Dress Code Rules

It's not that Jill's outfit here is any more racy than her swimsuits.

In fact, she might be showing slightly less skin.

But this time, Jill is clearly in her bedroom, and Jim Bob probably won't appreciate what's implied by her surroundings.

Jill Duggar Shows Some Skin

On top of that, Jill isn't just taking these pics to prove to her followers that she's free from her father's overbearing nonsense.

No, she's also modeling for 3130, a fashion brand and clothing retailer owned by her cousin Amy Duggar.

If you're a longtime fan of the Duggars' reality shows, then you're probably already familiar with Cousin Amy.

Amy Duggar and Child

Basically, she was standing up to Jim Bob and flouting his ridiculous rules long before it was the trendy thing to do.

These days, the Jim Bob branch of the Duggar clan has completely cut ties with Amy.

But Jill is no longer under her parents' thumb, and is finally free to do as she pleases.

Jill and Amy Duggar Pic

It turns out that one of the things she most wanted to do when she finally obtained her freedom was hang out with Amy.

And you can bet this decision flat-out infuriated Jim Bob, especially when he found out about the ladies' choice of activities.

Back in July, Jill skipped Jim Bob's birthday party to hang out at a wine and cigar bar owned by Amy's husband, Dillon King.

Jill and Amy Duggar Party With Their Husbands

Disrespecting Jim Bob, drinking, and smoking are three things that are strictly forbidden in the Duggar family. and Jill probably knew exactly what she was doing when she posted her party pics on Instagram.

And now, she probably knows exactly what she's doing by posting "racy" bedroom selfies and endorsing Amy's business.

It's always a pleasure to see the Duggar women cast off the shackles of their oppressive upbringing, but it's even more satisfying when they flaunt their newfound freedom in front of Jim Bob and the entire world!

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