Hannah Ann Sluss: Could SHE Be the New Bachelorette?!

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Folks, for one of the first times in the proud history of Bachelor Nation, no one know what the hell is going on.

After months of delays, filming for Clare Crawley's season finally got underway, only to be interrupted by Clare's alleged refusal to participate.

Clare Crawley is The Bachelorette

Insiders say Clare had fallen in love with Dale Moss and saw no reason to continue filming.

Some even claim that Clare and Dale are secretly engaged -- and if that's the case, we guess it makes sense that neither party would be thrilled about the idea of her going on dates with 29 other dudes.

Fortunately, it seems that producers had a backup plan.

Tayshia Adams Tells All

According to some reports, Bachelor and Bachelor In Paradise alum Tayshia Adams was brought in to replace Clare.

Tayshia was reportedly quarantining at the same La Quinta resort where the current season is being filmed, just in case Clare was unable carry out her duties.

But after reports of the switcheroo went public, ABC released promotional materials that showed Clare still in the role of Bachelorette.

Clare Crawley Promo Pic

With us so far? Good, because we're about to throw you another curveball ...

Us Weekly is now reporting that Hannah Ann Sluss has made a surprise appearance on set.

You might remember Hannah Ann as the woman who accepted Peter Weber's proposal only to get ghosted when he decided to pursue a relationship with Madison Prewett.

Let Hannah Ann Eat Cake

You would think after that experience, Hannah Ann would be done with the franchise entirely, but apparently, she's ready to be put through the wringer once again.

Now, it's not uncommon for stars from past seasons to make cameos on new seasons of The Bachelorette.

But for obvious reasons, this season is a little different.

Hannah Ann Sluss on Insta

Hannah was reportedly seen arriving on set wearing a mask.

Producers are taking a huge risk bringing her in, as a single case of COVID-19 could shut down production for the foreseeable future.

So what gives?

Hannah Ann (Bachelor)

Well, Hannah Ann has no ties to Clare whatsoever, so it seems that she was brought in either to lend some onscreen support to Tayshia, or to assume the lead role herself.

The latter explanation seems a little implausible.

After all, Tayshia was quarantining for the sole purpose of taking Clare's spot in the event of a shake-up.

Tayshia Adams: The Bachelorette

Unless Tayshia also decided to step down, it seems unlikely that producers would require yet another replacement.

No, what's more likely is that Hannah Ann was brought in to make this season seem less like what it is -- an amateurish trainwreck that will make viewers long for the grim slog that was Peter's season.

“This season is so off the wall that absolutely anything and everything is on the table,” a source tells Us.

Young Hannah Ann Photo

“Producers continue to reach out to women from the franchise in an attempt to salvage a season that just might be the most dramatic ever.”

Yeah, there's that familiar "most dramatic season ever" promise.

This year, it might actually be accurate -- but unfortunately, most of that drama has taken place off camera.


The most popular theory at the moment is that Clare's journey will be featured in the first few episodes (hence why she's still featured in the promotional materials).

We'll see her fall for Dale, and then we'll see Tayshia step in.

It's different, we'll grant them that.

But will it work as a cohesive season of television? Only time will tell.

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