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Dale Moss has accomplished something rarely seen before in the history of The Bachelorette:

He has managed to go viral… before ever appearing on television.

Quick: Can you name any previous contestant to have pulled off such a feat?

Clare Crawley, Everyone!

Moss, of course, signed up to compete against dozens of other men for the heart of Clare Crawley.

According to numerous reports, he then won over the 39-year old lead so quickly and so completely that Clare refused to continue filming Season 16 because she saw no reason to do so.

She already found her soulmate in Moss, and that was that, she allegedly told producers.

It’s even possible that Moss is already engaged to Crawley.

Dale Moss

How could this have happened? After just 12 days of shooting?

Because, People Magazine has claimed, Moss actually broke protocol and contacted Crawley before arriving in California.

The reality stars allegedly grew close via a number of pre-Bachelorette exchanges, giving Moss an enormous advantage over his fellow suitors once everyone touched down at La Quinta Resort & Club in Palm Springs.

Did thisi actually happen, however?

Clare Crawley Ready to Drink

HECK NO, Dale’s own sister now says.

An astute Bachelor Nation fan says she tracked down the Instagram message below, in which Moss’ siblings first quotes the anonymous People Magazine source who said this summer:

"One of her potential guys found a way to get in touch with her and they began talking.

"By the time filming officially began, they were basically already in love. No one else stood a chance. It just became so obvious from her subsequent few dates that her heart wasn’t in it and she just wasn’t feeling it.

"Then she said she wanted out."

The sister then tries to shoot down this allegation. Hard.

"That’s tarnishing my brother’s name and it’s COMPLETELY FALSE," the loved one supposedly wrote in response on Instagram.

"Your source for that information is LYING. I know this because I spent every day with my brother leading up to production!

"Never once did he reach out, nor was he ever contacted by Clare!"

Concluded the peeved relatives, who has not yet been named:

"My brother was EXTREMELY adamant about the rules, contracts, and privacy. He had EVERYTHING to lose and NOTHING to gain by communicating beforehand."

To date, there has been endless speculation about what Clare did and felt and knew, mostly because ABC has not yet confirmed all the reports flying around out there.

It appears undeniable that Tayshia Adams was flown in to take over for Crawley, but no one actually associated with the show has commented on this development just yet.

Introducing The Bachelorette!

Executives must be loving all the attention Season 16 has been receiving so far — but Crawley and Moss may not be loving everything folks around the Internet are saying about them.

Hence the passionate defense of Moss above.

And hence what Clare’s close friend, Michelle Money, also said previously about the notion that Crawley and Moss knew each other prior to meeting on set.

Clare Crawley Promo Pic

"Clare Crawley never spoke to Dale before filming,” the former Bachelor villain said on her Instagram Stories a short while back, adding:

"That is 1,000 percent factual information. Never happened, fake news.

"She was impressed by his social media account. But never DM’d, never texted, never talked. 1,000 percent fake news."

Moss, for the record, is a former NFL player and model who once dated professional golfer Seema Sadekar.

Clare Crawley Snapshot

As for why Adams was there and ready to jump in as The Bachelorette? We can’t say for sure.

But an insider vowed to People Magazine in early August that this cycle is "really the most dramatic season ever," adding:

"There’s more to the story than just [Clare] falling for someone and not wanting to see what else could happen with other men."

Adding to all the Season 16 craziness to come? The Bachelorette will air on Tuesdays this fall.

Life may never be the same, you guys.