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Just because Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson have a new show doesn’t mean that they don’t hear things about their old one.

And according to what they’ve heard, The Real Housewives of Orange County totally sucks without them.

It's truly the end of an era

Back in February, LeeAnne Locken left The Real Housewives of Dallas after just four seasons.

That made her a fitting choice to chat with two other former Housewives: Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge.

The two RHOC alums video chatted with LeeAnne.

Photo via Instagram

On Instagram Live, Tamra and Vicki told LeeAnne about their plans to tour together.

A tour, they specify, "where we f–king talk!"

"We have SO MUCH to say," they emphasize.

Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson Filming After RHOC Exit

"We can call it the ‘Dirty Little Reality Secret,’" Tamra suggests for the tour’s title.

That may sound like a mouthfull … because it is. Whatever, it’s a work in progress.

And all tours are hypothetical until this pandemic is under control or over.

The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 13 Reunion
Photo via Trae Patton/Bravo

This is when things took a bitter turn, as the ladies spoke more about the current casts of their erstwhile reality shows.

"You know what is so sad?" LeeAnne asks.

"I hear that Dallas is going to be, like, half of the season from last year," she gossips.

Vicki Gunvalson Makes a Face

With a cackle of gleeful schadenfreude, Vicki puts her own former castmates on blast.

"Housewives just ended with 12 episodes," she announces.

Vicki taunts, claiming: "They have NO content without us!"

Vicki Gunvalson SCREAMS at a Producer

LeeAnne jokes that she "didn’t even know what the storyline is" for the next season, Tamra joins the fray.

"Why do I feel like the storyline is going to be about me and Vicki?" Tamra asks.

Only time will tell if that will be the case. Notably, Tamra seems to be choosing her words more carefully than Vicki.

Tamra Judge on Air
Photo via BRAVO

"We don’t even get a paycheck," Vicki marvels, "and they are still going to talk about us!"

It is unclear what sort of role the conspicuous absense of Vicki and Tamra will play among the ladies of the OC.

Some reality shows redact all mention of former castmates. Others don’t mind them coming up in the slightest.

Tamra Judge Meme: That's My Opinion!

Then comes the ladies’ fractured friendship with a former Tres Amiga, Shannon Beador.

"I miss her," Tamra confesses.

"She ghosted us," she laments. "She iced us out."

Tamra Judge Unfollows Andy Cohen, ALL Real Housewives!!

Their once close and enduring friendship fizzled out as soon as they were no longer castmates.

Even so, Tamra gossips that Shannon "keeps on talking bad about me this season."

As we said, it will take time before any of us know for sure what topics come up.

Tamra Judge Kisses Braunwyn Windham-Burke

Remember, even if the Housewives were talking about Vicki and Tamra, that doesn’t mean that it will air in the season.

Editors could, for many reasons, choose to scrub any mention of Vicki or Tamra or even clip entire scenes where their names come up.

Maybe because it’s distracting from the topics and storylines that producers want to follow.

The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 14

Maybe because bitching about a fallen Housewife doesn’t make for the best TV.

Also, maybe because giving attention (and headlines) to Tamra and Vicki doesn’t serve Bravo’s interests if they’re not their stars anymore.

When this season finally airs, we’ll know which of these rumors are true and which are just Vicki and Tamra spouting hot air.