Big Brother Recap: Who's Out for Revenge?

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Big Brother: All Stars has been the least exciting season to date, and it makes sense. 

These people have played the game before, so they know they will become a target if they cause problems for the other players. 

With Memphis in power as Head of Household, it became clear he wanted to get a lot of blood on his hands. 

Big Brother Memphis Nominates

Despite making it all the way to the final two on Big Brother 10, this was his first Head of Household win. 

When his allies asked him what he was going to do, he played coy and told them ALL to use their safety suite pass this week. 

That's somewhat concerning and didn't exactly instill the hope that he was good with the people he said he was. 

Nicole Anthony has been struggling to find an alliance she trusts, and she should have played in the competition this week.

Nicole Anthony on Big Brother

When the HOH tells you to do something, and you ignore the request, you will become a target for eviction. 

Memphis admitted he had a target early on in Ian. Ian won against his friend Dan on Big Brother 14, so he wanted to dole out some revenge. 

Christmas, however, promised Ian she would keep him safe if she won the safety suite competition, so they built a bond by making this short-term deal. 

Here are the Safety Suite results:

Memphis on Big Brother

Da’Vonne – 8:41

Bayleigh – 2:48

Christmas – 1:38

Kevin – 2:22

Ian – 3:16

Cody – 2:44

David – 2:53

Christmas Abbott Photograph

Christmas held up her end of the deal and gave Ian safety, and it did not sit well with Memphis, who looked at Ian as the target of the week. 

Christmas raised some great points for choosing Ian, and Memphis let it slide, but he's surely going to realize there is another alliance at play here. 

Earlier in the episode, Nicole Franzel saved Ian from getting blood on his hands by volunteering to be a have-not. 

Could Memphis actually look at Nicole F as a target? She and Danielle refused to compete in the safety suite competition because they thought they would have a much easier shot at it next week. 

This did not sit well with Memphis who wanted everyone to play, so he could have clean sweep at it next week.

Nicole Franzel on Big Brother 18

It seems plans in the Big Brother house rarely go to plan, but that's to be expected when everyone is scheming. 

Memphis had a chat with Cody about the state of the alliance and it seems in good standing ... for now. 

His nomination picks were easy. Nicola A for not using her safety suite pass, and David for being a "Big Brother rookie."

Yep, it was a condescending speech, especially after putting David on slop. 

What did you think of the noms?

Big Brother continues Wednesdays on CBS at 8/7c.

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