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Unfortunately, Shannon Beador and her daughters tested positive for COVID-19 and are all currently isolating at home.

This virus has already claimed the lives of over 150,000 Americans … but somehow, The Real Housewives of Orange County is still filming. What?

Shannon Beador and Braunwyn Windham-Burke Party with John Janssen and Sean Windham-Burke

TMZ reports that Bravo is taking a "the show must go on" approach to Shannon’s current condition.

According to sources close to the production, Season 15 is continuing to film.

That meanst hat Braunwyn Windham-Burke, Kelly Dodd, Gina Kirschenheiter, Emily Simpson, and Elizabeth Vargas are still filming … carefully.

According to TMZ‘s insiders, the ladies in Orange County are sticking to similar strict precautions to those in Atlanta.

That means temperature checks, avoiding filming in crowds, minimal people on site, filming outside when possible, and the crew wearing masks.

These and regular COVID-19 tests for everyone involved are foolproof, but they can certainly narrow the risks.

John Janssen, Shannon Beador, Kelly Dodd, and Rick Leventhal

As for Shannon, she is reportedly filming herself at home on a phone, but only when she is feeling up to it.

She not doing any in-person camera work, which is safest for everyone involved.

Shannon will have to test negative for COVID-19 not once, but twice, before she is allowed to return to regular filming.

The other ladies and production are apparently not concerned that they contracted the virus at the same time.

The reasoning is because the ladies — without Shannon — traveled to Lake Arrowhead together.

So the reasoning is that Shannon was exposed separately from the rest of them. Let us hope that it does not spread to the whole cast.

Shannon Beador, Daughters

"This photo was taken pre-pandemic," Shannon announced on Instagram.

"Today, we are Covid positive times 4," she revealed last week.

"The girls and I are blessed to be quarantining in the same home," Shannon acknowledged, "(but isolating in separate rooms)."

Shannon expressed: "A huge thank you to all of the medical personnel that have been patiently guiding us through this illness."

"Sending prayers to all of those affected," she added.

We certainly hope that Shannon, Stella, Sophie, and Adeline make a speedy recovery without the alarming chronic conditions that impact so many.

Shannon Beador Gets Whacked on the Head

Shannon had stated for months that she was being very careful, in light of her vulnerable lungs putting her at risk.

Even as we all hope for her swift recovery, some fans hope that this will be a wakeup call for the entire cast to take this seriously.

In the past, they have had masked meet-ups while flagrantly violating social distancing guidelines, worrying fans that they are out of touch with the virus’ threat.

Braunwyn Windham Burke, Emily Simpson, Kelly Dodd, and Shannon Beador in Masks

You know, when we here at THG and those on other sites and when fans themselves called out Real Housewives for being reckless, it wasn’t out of malice.

It was out of genuine concern.

Now Shannon, a 56-year-old woman who is very vulnerable to a respiratory infection, is sick — and so are her three daughters.

Kelly Dodd Wants to

Of course, outside of the Federal government, it’s hard to think of anyone who has taken this less seriously than Kelly Dodd.

She has openly mocked the death toll, spread dangerously false comparisons to the flu, and flagrantly lied about how many had died in Orange County.

We hope that Kelly does not lose anyone close to her during this pandemic. Better for her to remain a fool than to lose someone she cares about.