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On this week’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Brandi Glanville spilled all about Denise Richards — from the alleged affair to two-faced badmouthing.

Teddi Mellencamp fired back over what Denise allegedly said about her. And Denise is denying everything.

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"Got my sense of humor from my dad’s shadow," Teddi Mellencamp joked on Twitter on Thursday, July 23.

The line was in clear reference to Brandi’s report that Denise had mocked Teddi for being famous only for her father.

The tweet includes a screenshot of messages from Teddi’s admittedly famous father, John Mellencamp.

"I know you’re busy living in my shadow," the legendary actor, artist, director, and musician jokes in a text message, "but …"

He then shares a meme of himself standing with his daughter.

The text of the meme implies that he has never heard of Denise Richards, not even ehough to recognize her name as "Denise" instead of "Dennis."

Photo via Bravo

Denise has relied upon her celebrity status in the hopes that it eclipses most of her castmates, many of whom were not household names before Bravo.

In addition to sharing an entertaining image with his daughter, John was making it clear that not all movie stars are created equal.

Denise saw the post … and was considerably less amused than Teddi.

"Grown ass woman stooping to that level… sorry," Denise remarked on Instagram in a post that she also decided to share on Twitter.

"I never said you live in your dad’s shadow," she claimed. "Ever."

"I don’t care what you were told. … " Denise added.

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"I was hurt you felt the need to share a salacious untrue rumor about my marriage," Denise expressed.

She wrote that she felt this way "especially given you are the daughter of a famous father."

Denise continued: "[And therefore] know what the potential impact could’ve been with my kids & family."

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"That is all I have ever said about your family," Denise concluded.

Notably, Joanna Krupa, who once sued Brandi for making a comment about her alleged vaginal odor, commented.

"It’s called jealousy, my gorgeous friend," Joanna wrote.

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Before Brandi revealed the story of her alleged affair with Denise to Kyle and Teddi, she told them about Denise’s other behavior.

According to Brandi, Denise had been badmouthing all of them behind their backs, only to then wonder why they didn’t want to be friends.

Brandi said that Teddi was singled out, in particular.

Brandi Glanville Tells Teddi Mellencamp the Ugly Truth

At the time, Teddi resented that Denise was being so two-faced with her.

She recalled how, less than a week earlier, she had given Denise an open invitation to bring up any issues that they had with each other.

Denise had simply said that she’d already told her, so there was nothing more to discuss.

A huge part of Brandi’s brand is her dislike of cheating, given her personal history.

She explained that she felt that Denise had deceived her into hooking up, a hookup in which they did "all the things," by letting her believe that Denise was in a somewhat open marriage.

Upon realizing that this was not the case, Brandi shared that she felt both betrayed and guilty.

Brandi Glanville Would Like a Glass of Water

Viewers and fans are divided over which Housewife to believe.

After all, any Housewife could hypothetically say anything that she likes, and they think that perhaps she is simply angling to return to the show.

Well, Brandi has assured viewers that if they continue watching, they will see that she is telling the truth.

Some say that Denise is protesting too much, and that this is not the behavior of a person who has nothing to hide.

Others say that Brandi is just desperate.

We do not claim to have any special knowledge about who is telling the truth, here.

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Brandi’s story sounds plausible. But "we never hooked up" isn’t exactly hard to believe, either.

We will simply point out that, theoretically, it’s believable that a person could genuinely hook up but also only share the story as a ploy for her career.

Just sayin’ is all.