Michelle Money: I Don't Regret Being a Bachelor Villain!

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We are all grateful that Michelle Money's daughter is up and walking and talking after her horrific injuries earlier this year.

Now, Michelle is thinking back on her time on TV, and how the "Villain" label helped to shape her into the woman she is today.

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Michelle Money sat down with Us Weekly's Bachelor podcast to discuss her history as a "Bachelor Villain" on Brad Womack's season.

"As cringy as it is," she admits, "it really helped mold me into the person that I am today."

"And so I really wouldn’t change anything," Michelle confesses. "I wouldn’t take anything back.”

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In reflection, Michelle admits that she had "a lot more self-acceptance" while revisiting the show this week on The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons.

“Not that I wasn’t, like, totally arrogant and overly confident," she hastily qualifies.

"But I was also barely 30 years old," Michelle remarks.

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"And," Michelle notes, "I had just walked away from my very conservative religion of the Mormon church and got divorced."

"And," she adds, "I was finding my footing and my confidence and stepping into my own sexuality as a woman."

Michelle recalls that she was "feeling very liberated with where I was in life."

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"And that definitely plays out in the entire season," Michelle points out.

"But, you know, having said that, 10 years later, as I look back," she begins.

Michelle continues: "I’m like, ‘Gosh, I kind of missed that part of me.’"

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Michelle is now sharing how it took “so much therapy” to process the intense backlash from fans after her season.

“As women, we are standing up and stepping into sexuality and owning our full selves a lot more," she observes.

"Back then, I was, in a way, a representative of that," Michelle points out, "within an era that that wasn’t really common."

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“I was very polarizing," Michelle acknowledges.

"People either loved it or hated it," she says.

Michelle opines: "Now, I think if you were to take my character from them and plop it into a season currently, I don’t think it would be as frowned upon.”

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"I remember writing in my diary on the flight home," Michelle narrates.

She continues: "And thinking, ‘I’m going to be the girl who misses her daughter so much. She’s always crying that she misses her daughter.'"

"'And who’s taking this seriously because if it’s not gonna work out, I want to get home to my daughter,’” Michelle explained.

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“And then when the show airs," Michelle recalls, "they show nothing [about] my daughter or my relationship with her or how hard it was to be away from her."

Ultimately, Michelle was "really upset" by the portrayal of her relationship with Brad.

She says that there were “multiple things that were edited, completely contradictory to what really happened.”

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On top of that, Michelle felt that she was  “manipulated” by the show's production.

"I was told in every interview, ‘Brad loves how confident you are, you can tell you guys have something so unique that he does not have with anyone else,'" she recalls.

Michelle says that producers gave her encouragement "Like, ‘Bring on the confidence, all of it.’”

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“And so I’m just like, ‘Alright, I’m just gonna be me and be confident,’" Michelle reflects.

"And then," she describes, "come to find out, they’re using that to make me look like overly aggressive."

"And," Michelle accuses, "not showing any of the softer sides of me or any of the compassionate conversations or softness that I also embody."

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Even so, Michelle did return to the franchise, both on Bachelor Pad and on Bachelor in Paradise.

"To be really honest with you, the producers really had to convince me,” Michelle acknowledges, saying that she had a list of requirements for them to agree to.

She says: “I had emails from the executive producer apologizing about over-editing me."

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"And you know," Michelle remarks, "it was just a lot of trust and wanting to be able to be seen for who I really was."

"And I knew I wouldn’t get that opportunity again."

Additionally, she shares that boyfriend Mike Weir asked her to be his “forever girlfriend” with a ring.

Michelle explains: “Mike and I have this mutual beautiful commitment with each other, where we just want to be life partners.”

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