Meri Brown Says "Life is Beautiful" in Face of Marriage Collapse

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Meri Brown is doing her best to remain positive these days.

But it isn't easy.

Meri Brown and a Pillow

As most Sister Wives fans know well at this point, Meri has spent several months passive aggressively attacking her spiritual husband, Kody, and the couple's supposed marriage.

Based on Meri's Instagram feed alone, it's impossible to believe that Meri and Kody are really together at this point.

They may act like it on television.

And Meri may never make a formal break-up announcement... but come on now.

Meri is out there, making it clear she's ready to be loved by someone new.

Meri Brown for LuLaRoe

Even on episodes of Sister Wives themselves, Kody and Meri didn't hold back this past season.

They sat with a therapist at one point and Meri actually said their relationship was dead.

Kody, for his part, said he regretted marrying Meri and complained that she always plays the victim.

Doesn't exactly sound like a winning, long-term combination, does it?

Meri Brown on Her Show

Last Thursday, meanwhile, Meri shared yet another meme on social media.

This time, though, she didn't slam Kody or make broad pronouncements about her romantic dissatisfaction or hint that she's ready to find a new mate.

Instead, she simply wrote:

“Life is beautiful because of the people we meet.”

life is beautiful, meri

As she is so fond of doing, Meri then got really profound and added:

“Don’t try to get people to be on your wavelength. Just stay aligned and let the law of vibration bring people to you like a magnet.

"True empowerment is staying in the vibration of joy and inviting others to join you there. Not lowering your vibration to meet them."

As you can see, this is a quote by Maryam Hasnaa:


What, exactly, is Meri saying here? We can't state for certain.

But it doesn't seem all that hard to imagine she's referring to Kody and how she doesn't plan on "lowering" herself to his level.

Meri has found her place of joy, she's expkaining, and she feels empowered as a result and, hey, if Kody wants to meet her there... cool, good for him. There's still room.

And if not? His loss!

Meri Brown in Flagstaff, Arizona

Meri has made plenty of declarations of late in regard to how she's strong and independent and won't be told what to do or how to act.

We fully support her in this stance.

We also support her recent committment to losing weight and getting in shape and, she also recently put it, to thriving outside of her failed marriage.

“My mission in life is not merely to survive. But to thrive: & to do so with some passion. Some compassion, some humor & some style," wrote Brown a few days ago.

Meri Brown and Her Eyebrows

Said an insider this summer to The Sun:

“She’s finding herself, what she wants and believes...

"Her weight loss and hair cut is a good sign! That’s, ‘Okay time for me!’

"Having her own life, doing fun things, finding friends is the best thing she can be doing for herself."

Amen! You just do you, Meri. Always.

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