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Larissa Lima has told 90 Day Fiance fans a lot about her career, her dreams, her goals, and how much plastic surgery she wants to get.

But there is one topic with which Larissa is done: Colt and Debbie.

Larissa and Colt for 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?

In a recent post to her Instagram Stories, Larissa Lima told fans how she feels about Colt and Debbie these days.

It is now well over a year since their divorce.

But is seeing Coltee on screen, locking lips with Jess Caroline, making Larissa wish that she were back with her ex-husband?

Colt Johnson Makes Out With Jess Caroline in Front of Debbie Johnson

It seems that, like the rest of us (Debbie included), Larissa’s reaction to seeing Colt pile on the PDA is not exactly longing.

Instead, she reveals, she is trying to move on and move forward with her life.

Speaking of both Colt and Debbie, Larissa states: "They are dead for me."

Debbie Johnson Hears Some Big News

During Larissa’s marriage to Colt, she and Debbie had an antagonistic relationship with each other.

Debbie cried after their first meeting.

The two fought many times, each time Colt usually sat back and watched with apparent amusement while the women in his life had a row.

Debbie Johnson Cries in Shock

In real life, many fans believe that the primary antagonist in the marriage was Larissa.

That said, those same fans will agree that Colt’s unusual relationship with his mother — one that goes beyond sharing a home — is a factor in his relationships.

But Larissa is making it clear that she will not dwell in the past.

Colt and Debbie

So, when Larissa says that they are "dead to her," it means that she’s not talking to them and not missing them.

They are no longer living rent-free in her head, so to speak.

Fans had questions after seeing Larissa’s phone call this season.

Larissa Lima Issues a Warning

Larissa called Jess — this phone call would have taken place last summer.

She warned Caroline about what Colt was like.

Because it was on camera, both women were speaking English despite both being Brazilian, so there was a double language barrier.

Jess Caroline - Larissa told me that Colt had a lot of girls

Larissa warned Jess about how Colt had cheated on her during their marriage with various Instagram side-pieces.

She asked Jess if Colt had been hiding his phone from her — Jess had noticed that he had.

That was just one of many red flags, but Jess seemed to charmed to listen to all that Larissa had to say.

Larissa Lima to Jess Caroline - Colt is a Demon

Larissa has addressed her desire to keep Colt and Debbie in her past before.

Earlier this year, she posted and deleted a caption about wanting to move on and live her life while Coltee lives his.

And her ex-husband and her former mother-in-law are not the only things that Larissa is seeking to leave behind in the dust.

Larissa Lima IG calls out Colt Johnson april 2020

Last year, Larissa asked her followers where in the US they would recommend that she live.

She wanted a place that’s not too hot, not too cold, and … not Vegas.

We do not know what place Larissa chose from all of those very subjective (and one objective) requirements.

Larissa Lima Grins Broadly

But Larissa has revealed that she is moving, with plans to leave Vegas.

We hope that 90 Day Fiance will continue to follow her adventures whenever she does finally move.

We know that we are interested in what she does next — and we can’t be the only ones.