Janelle Brown: I'm Stressed and My Dreams are Being Crushed!

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Another day, another example of a Sister Wives cast member who appears to be miserable.

The only surprise this time around?

The identity of the unhappy Sister Wives cast member.

Janelle Brown on a Couch

Those who follow this franchise and this family closely have come to expect some complaints from Meri Brown.

Kody's first wife typically tries to find the bright side in any situation and seems to be doing just fine on her own.

But that's important to emphasize: She is most definitely on her own.

Through a series of Instagram post, Meri has made it very clear of late that she isn't really with Kody any longer.

Janelle Brown Gets Silly

Janelle Brown, however? She isn't typically someone to cause any sort of stir online or to create any sort of controversy.

Earlier this year, she even became the only spouse to seemingly support Kody's plan of moving everyone into one giant mansion in Coyote Pass.

If there's one Sister Wife who has come across as the most content in her relationship, we can all agree it's been Janelle, right?

Now, though, we're being forced to wonder whether something has changed.

Janelle Brown on Camera

Earlier this week, Janelle took to her Facebook page to lodge a few complaints.

First, she wrote the following:

“This is me - sitting in my office - getting our taxes ready for the CPA - this is one of the most stressful things I do all year.

"I have, in many years past, munched my way through the week, the week being the time that it usually takes me to complete the process."

Kody and Janelle Brown Selfie

Brown isn't alone here, of course.

There may be no more universally hated activity than doing one's taxes. It's confusing, it's important it just absolutely sucks all around.

“So far so good," she added. "I know I’m not hungry - it’s just the stress talking. But it is so seductive isn’t it? To just give in. Stay strong!”

Pretty good advice there, we suppose.

These Sister Wives

But then Janelle's message possibly took a turn, perhaps taking a jab at Kody and perhaps giving us a look inside her troubled marriage.

In the background of Janelle's photo, there was a piece of art hanging on the wall of a sad face mixed with dark colors.

Said Janelle of this image:

P.S. - the art in the background was an impulse buy from a local art shop - I think it’s called dreams - but it’s for a dark tone to it - maybe the dreams aren’t happy - don’t know - it appealed to me.

But today maybe it’s the weird dreams you get when you are stressed out lol.

Kody and Janelle Brown Together

Could we be reading way too much into the meaning here? Absolutely.

But it's almost impossible not to do so these days because all four spouses just seem so very depressed of late.

Not a single wife paid tribute to Kody on Father's Day, while talk of Kody looking for a fifth wife continues to reverberate around the Internet.

Yes, Janelle may have just been talking about her taxes in this message.

If she were getting a bit deeper and hinting at a darkness related to her romance, though, would anyone be surprised?

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