How Many Grandchildren Does Angela Deem Have?

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Early this year, 90 Day Fiance star Angela Deem married Michael Ilesanmi in Nigeria. Even before that milestone, fans have seen her family.

But what is Angela's family really like? How many grandkids does she have?

Angela Deem Sees a Red Flag

Angela Deem hails from Hazlehurst, Georgia. (And no, Hazlehurst is not a typo -- it is really spelled that way)

She is 54 years old. She is a mother and a grandmother.

This year, she became a wife to Michael, who is 31.

Angela Deem mom - go get married or whatever

On this season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, viewers have gotten a look at Angela's mother.

Glenda Faye Standridge passed away on February 8, 2020.

The great-grandmother was 77 years old.

Angela Deem 90 Day Fiance S7 teaser 2

Angela has two daughters, both of whom are adults.

Skyla Deem, who is years old, appeared on this season of Happily Ever After? to decline Angela's request to witness her wedding.

Famously, Angela has asked Skyla for an egg that Angela herself would be happy to "tote" if she manages to conceive with Michael.

Scottie Deem, 90 Day Fiance still

Scottie Deem is Angela's other daughter.

Though Scottie has also appeared on 90 Day Fiance, she went on to plead guilty to child molestation, and was sentenced to three 20 year sentences to be served concurrently.

This registered sex offender was released from prison early due to COVID-19, because our justice system does not value the welfare of children.

Angela Deem grandkids 01

Angela has six grandchildren, who are beautiful and adorable.

We know the names of four of these grandbabies -- Marlee and Ariah, and Anna Scott and Terry.

Skyla is the mother of most of them, but Scottie is the mother of at least two of the children -- Anna Scott and Terry.

Angela Deem in Her Wedding Dress

How do we know that Scottie is a mom? Because Angela brought her on Maury twice.

The first time, Angela very messily accused Scottie of having a one-night stand just before becoming pregnant with Anna Scott.

In reality, Scottie's boyfriend Terry was the father of Anna Scott. When Angela tried it again, Terry was once again the father of, well, Terry.

Angela Deem grandkids 02

As we mentioned, our information about Angela's grandchildren is limited.

There are six of them, they are all fairly young, and they are deeply adorable.

We also know that Angela is very sad that her grandbabies, daughters, and mother could not be witnesses to her Nigerian wedding.

Angela Deem Speaks to Her Friend

Fortunately, Angela's friend agreed to witness the marriage.

Impatient to tie the knot with Michael and not willing to wait to hear back about the attempt at a K-1 visa, Angela opted to simply marry him.

With a witness to the Nigerian wedding and the right paperwork, she can seek a spousal visa to bring Michael to the United States.

Angela Deem grandkids 03

Fans certainly enjoyed getting a glimpse at all six cuties.

They were gathered in the same room with Angela's sickly mother, their great-grandmother, when she made her wedding announcement.

Was the scene rehearsed? Almost certainly. That doesn't make the kids any less precious.

Angela Deem Did As She Was Asked

It's probably going to be all kinds of weird for the grandkids as they get older.

After all, their grandma is not only famous, but she married a man younger than either of their moms.

That said ... for Scottie's kids, Angela's quirks will never be the weirdest thing that a member of their family has done.

Angela Deem Has What She Needs

Angela is a little controversial (okay, a lot controversial) in her own right.

Her over-the-top personality has led to misbehavior.

Even if things like the cake incident can be written off as "acting up for the cameras," that time that Angela tried to attack Avery Mills is considerably less funny.

Angela Deem Wears Yellow

If by some miracle (from what we can tell, it would take a literal, supernatural miracle for Angela to conceive) Angela and Michael do have a child, it will be younger than all of her grandchildren.

The comical premise of an abrasive woman in her 50s trying to conceive with her Nigerian husband is not limited to Angela and Michael.

But as Angela has stated, she resents any comparisons to Baby Girl Lisa Hamme. Okay, then.

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