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Back in May, David Beador’s fiancee shaded Shannon after she and her castmates ignored social distancing rules.

Now, Lesley Cook has other things on her mind — because she and David are expecing a child!

David Beador Engaged
Photo via Instagram

On her private Instagram account, David Beador’s fiancee Lesley Cook made a special announcement.

She shared a photo of a literal hamburger bun inside of a literal oven.

"You’re just a small bump," Lesley wrote.

Lesley Cook with David Beador
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In case the meaning was not clear, Lesley shared a video of her telling her daughter the pregnancy news.

"You’re going to be a big sister. Are you excited?" Lesley asked.

She then prompted her daughter to "Show me how excited you are."

David Beador and Lesley Cook
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"Shannon was very shocked when she heard the news about David," an inside source tells E! News.

The insider adds that "The girls are excited that their dad is happy."

"But," the source notes, "it’s still very fresh to them."

Shannon Beador and Her Daughters
Photo via Instagram

"The girls still have a great relationship with their dad," the insider emphasizes.

The source then continues: "but it was a huge surprise to them."

In other words, he and Lesley hadn’t advertised that they were trying to have a baby.

David Beador and Lesley Cook in Greece
Photo via Instagram

It is interesting to hear that the girls still have a good relationship with their father.

Not a surprise, of course. Just interesting confirmation.

Famously, during the divorce, David was accused of being so spiteful that he had the water shut off at Shannon’s home — where his own daughters lived.

Lesley Cook and David Beador on a Plane
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David and Lesley have been dating for nearly two years, now.

They have been engaged for a little under seven months.

It feels like just yesterday that he and Shannon were merely spiraling towards a divorce. It is amazing how time flies.

Lesley Cook
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It is more than understandable that Shannon would be shocked at this news.

First of all, as much as Lesley thirsts after him, David is no spring chicken.

He’s, what, 5-10 years away from getting a senior discount? We’re not age-shaming him, just pointing out that it’s an unusual age to have a kid.

David Beador Appears on Watch What Happens Live
Photo via Bravo

But on top of that, he already has three children through his (now former) marriage to Shannon.

His daughters are all teenagers.

Lesley has two children, also from a previous relationship. Now, they are pregnant with … Baby #6.

David Beador, Lesley Cook
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Lesley has used her private Instagram account to show a bit of her personality.

Sometimes, that means memes.

Sometimes, that means COVID-19 pandemic memes about how thirsty she is for David.

But as we mentioned, she also used social media to shade Shannon for her masked get-together with fellow Housewives.

In May, she and her fellow Housewives claimed to be following the rules because they were wearing masks.

As many pointed out, posing together for selfies is not social distancing.

Lesley noticed that, too, and chose to highlight that rule on her Instagram Stories.

Shannon, of course, has weak lungs and is particularly vulnerable to a respiratory illness. We hope that she remains safe.

And congratulations are in order for Lesley and David!