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Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown wants custody of his son, but his ex Raiven Adams has accused him of abuse and worries that he is too unstable.

Now Bear is firing a list of accusations of his own — claiming that Raiven is "lying" and that she was the abusive one.

Bear Brown Storage Unit Selfie
Photo via Instagram

Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown shared a selfie on Friday from inside of the shipping container where he lives.

"I have something to say!" his caption begins.

His post’s purpose, he quickly makes clear, is to deny the accusations of verbal abuse, deranged behavior, threats, and drug use made by his ex.

Photo via Instagram

"Everything that Raiven has told the news tabloids and has insinuated about me," Bear insists.

He claims that all of this "is a mean abusive lie."

"And," Bear announces, "I will no longer stand by and say nothing!"

Bear Brown and Raiven Adams
Photo via Instagram

"Soon I will be making a post about the truth of what happened between us!" Bear threatens.

"Since Raiven has not stoped [sic] lying about me," he whines, "people deserve to know the truth!"

Bear then makes an outrageous accusation: "It was Raiven who was abusive toward me."

Photo via Instagram

"And," Bear writes, "she continues to be so, by constantly lying about me."

That line right there, where he calls filing a restraining order "abuse," tells you a lot about how how seriously we should probably take this.

"I will not stand by and do nothing!" Bear declares.

Bear Brown with Raiven Adams
Photo via Instagram

"I never did any drugs," Bear claims, "I never threatened her with a gun or anything else she has said I did!"

"She didn’t even tell me until two days after River was born!" he complains.

"It’s sad that someone I loved would treat me such a way!" Bear continues to whine. "It’s heart breaking!"

"Out longer then I intended, with no food or water!" Bear wrote in a subsequent post.

"Oops!" he added. "I guess I wasn’t respecting the danger!"

Indeed. His next post that featured text was, however, about Raiven.

Bear Brown Looks Grim
Photo via Instagram

"On the Raiven subject," Bear announced days later, "I don’t want anyone to hate her, or harass her."

He continued: "or do anything to make her life hard."

"If anything," he wrote condescendingly, "say a prayer for her to find peace in life!"

Bear Brown and Raiven Adams Are Engaged
Photo via Instagram

"I just wanted everyone to know that she is not a victim," Bear claimed.

"That’s all I’m gonna say about her," he insisted. "God bless everyone!"

Charming guy.

Photo via Instagram

We of course do not claim to have any special knowledge about whether or not Bear does coke, verbally abused and threatened Raiven, etc.

That said, we have to clarify that Bear’s post makes it sound like Raiven has been making the rounds on talk shows to tell her horror story.

The only reason that the world knows what Raiven accuses Bear of is because we all got a look at the documents that she filed with police in order to take out a protective order for her and her baby.

Raiven Adams Holds Newborn River Anthony

We need to emphasize that, whatever the truth may be, Raiven filing a very plausible-sounding description of her life with Bear is not abuse — even if it were to be a lie.

And while we have absolutely seen cases where abusers publicly accused their victims of being the real abusers, Bear’s own statements make that hard to swallow.

Abuse is a real thing that involves power dynamics, fear, manipulation, and toxicity. Telling a lie about a famous ex would be mean, but not abuse.