Bear Brown: I Want My Son to Come Live in My Storage Container With Me!

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Despite his initial denial of paternity, Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown is demanding custody of his son.

Admidst accusations that he is unstable, Bear showing off his home ... which is still a makeshift storage container.

Bear Brown Looks Grim

Bear Brown has been (recently) vocal about his desire to have a role in the life of his son, River Anthony.

River was born prematurely during the first half of March, in the very same week in which many in the US began voluntarily entering lockdown.

Bear was not present at the birth and reportedly did not respond to calls about it.

Raiven Adams shared the news of River's birth on Instagram, noting that her son's hospital bills were covered by Medicaid.

Raiven Adams Holds Newborn River Anthony

Later that week, Bear and his attorney marched into a Washington courthouse.

Bear filed papers to challenge any paternity claim that Raiven might make.

When news of this broke, however, he quickly changed gears, taking to social media to claim that he, with his attorney, had made a paperwork "mistake."

Since then, he has quietly used his Instagram to try to convince followers that he is not a deadbeat dad.

Bear Brown makeshift storage container home

Bear has used his social media to share a glimpse inside his home.

He continues to live inside of a storage unit that has been outfitted for him to live inside of it.

This setup includes a window that appears to be held together with duct tape.

Having a dwelling like that may be cozy outside of one's bathroom needs ... and yet, fans have some questions.

Bear Brown Howls from the Heights

Look, we get it -- living in an outfitted storage container or bus or even a large van is something that many have imagined at one point or another.

And everyone understands that the idea is to promote the family's "roughing it" brand while giving him a place to stay.

One day, of course, he'll have a real house on the sprawling 435 acre property that Billy Brown purchased a couple of years ago.

But what has fans concerned is that Bear is living in a metal box, yet still is demanding to share custody with Raiven.

Bear Brown and Raiven Adams Are Engaged

There is more to the concerns that fans have than just Bear's accommodations.

After all, he could always move into the large house that Billy and Ami already own.

No, the issue here is about Bear's pattern of behavior.

It's a pattern described by Raiven as she explained why they went from engaged to expecting co-parents to divided by a restraining order.

Raiven Adams is Very Pregnant

Raiven and Bear were friends before they were lovers.

It was not long after their relationship went public that Bear proposed to Raiven.

She said yes and, for a short time, they were engaged.

Then, they announced that they had broken it off and would simply remain friends. Hey, it happens.

Bear Brown with Raiven Adams

Then, however, Raiven almost immediately discovered that she was pregnant.

With that in mind, she and Bear ended up reconciling ... but it was not to be.

Only this year did Raiven, in filing for a restraining order, describe the abhorrent and alarming behavior that drove her from a relationship with Bear.

It is that same behavior that makes her reluctant to have any further ties with Bear.

Bear Brown Kisses Raiven Adams

According to Raiven, Bear was verbally and emotionally abusive towards her during their relationship.

She described him menacing her with a gun, which he would apparently take out and hold while angry.

Bear also seemed to exhibit erratic behavior, she said, threatening her and exploding at times.

Raiven has attributed this alarming to cocaine use, which she says that he confided in her.

Bear Brown and Raiven Adams

Bear has denied parts of the accusations against him and declined to address other aspects of it.

Every child deserves their best chance at not only living, but having emotionally healthy role models and a stable, loving environment.

We hope that whatever the outcome of Bear and Raiven's custody battle may be, that it gives River the best chance at life.

Hopefully, no matter the court's decision, River will not be spending time in a storage container, modified or not.

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